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WWE 2K17 on Xbox 360 Review

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  1. Isaiah Harris

    There is that is Hall of Fame Showcase that has been up dated for ps3

  2. Hymen Hitman

    Can I get all the DLC on the 360 as I can on the new systems ?

  3. Jaime the wwe fan

    ps4 is better

  4. Brett Skinner

    This game is shit

  5. Dan Thibeault

    Gosh that decides horrible at least I have a PS4

  6. I have WWE 2K14 in PS3 and I see no difference between those…

  7. Seledoon Army

    I just spent 50 bucks for a 2k14 remaster fucking hell

  8. TheAwesomeGamer

    I Give This A 8 On Xbox one and ps4 are way more Great And That Game Desurve A 18

  9. Ninja spider game's

    2k16 Xbox 360 was better

  10. Carlos Escobedo

    feel sorry for the people who bought this on last gen

  11. Scump The Grump

    There's really no point of getting this game on last gen

  12. Lame, buy a XOne or ps4, I already own 2k16 on 360 and it's the same gameplay, the roster is for what I'm struggling.

  13. Walter Harris

    What happened to all of the dropkicks you could add while creating a move set for your created superstar? The only thing available was the dropkick #10.

  14. Styles looks like Dicaprio

  15. Sharpshooter 2k16

    Got the game on PS4 and yesterday on 360 too, thought why not? I'm loving it, feels great not having to load a show intro every time I want to play a few universe matches, I never bothered with career on ps4 so the only difference for me is graphics and falls count anywhere backstage brawls, it's in no way better than PS4, but it in no way sucks either imo

  16. I have seen Caws that look better than that Shane McMahon. Jesus christ.

  17. tsc gaming awesome ive order it already

  18. The knew ones are just revamped versions of wwe 2k14

  19. Peter Howard

    you can use wake up taunt on apron using aj styles

  20. Barberbishh 613

    Great vid­čĺ»

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