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Mario Kart Wii Review

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  1. lmao I finished all the CCS including mirror mode when I was 6 😂😂😂

  2. privacy is key no

    Multi player is amazing now, we have hackers and…… no multi player

  3. President4Life

    150cc isn't that hard

  4. A game that made my child hood 10000000 times better, especially the online which unfortunately shut down

  5. The Legend Of Link

    Who's watching this in 2017?

  6. Mario Kart before the character roster turned to crud.

  7. who's here in 2017

  8. Been playing this game since 2008 and little did anyone know MKW would turn out to be the Melee of Mario Karts and one of the most sold games of all times.

  9. The online has a lot of FTW hackers

  10. 150cc hard to play? Sounds like a personal problem.

    Pleb better Git Gud, cause this is sad

  11. YoshiMaster 1026!!

    I don't like this one so much…Too many blue shells, and I don't like over half the tracks, most of the tracks are boring to me.

  12. penny the bad memer

    mirror mode was the hardest for me

  13. Justin CiardielloJciardiello

    To this I say HA

  14. Good old times (;

  15. Everyone who says r.i.p mkwii no online go to Mrbean35000vr and there is a tutorial of how to get custom tracks as well as that online with normal tracks and custom tracks!

  16. Happy as Larry

    mk8 is better but having played it a lot something was missing.
    For pure gameplay there is something about this one which gives it the edge.
    MK8 just feels a bit over polished

  17. Reuben Singh

    WFC is back dont worry guys do not worry mkwii memories are back lets get loads of people to get online again it would be amazing!

  18. Reuben Singh

    people have gone to mario kart 8 now mkwii is well better in my opinion the graphics of mk8 are well better but mkwii is much more fun has a lot of great memories online was unbelievable i play this game everyday and i always will do even though i completed everythink i have online back loads of people go back on online wiimmfi so fun and just an amazing game overall

  19. Reuben Singh

    This game is by far the best mario kart wii to be honest i dont think they can make one better so much to do so much fun espicially online which i still have you can still get online using wiimmfi look it up on youtube and google and you can get it back so simple and easy!

  20. Mario Kart Wii is my favorite mario kart game

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