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PS VITA Review Part 6 – Gameplay, Videos & Remote Play

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  1. Chane Clarke

    thank you for that it's help a hold lot..

  2. Taylor Walker

    My PSN for my Vita is Teezy022. 🙂

  3. Chris Thompson

    34 seconds in and already love this guy (no homo) now wheres that subscribe button?…

  4. Anthony Steele

    you need mortal kombat

  5. if u connect ur psvita to ur ps3 can u use the ps vita as a mic?

  6. TheAsianSensation

    What would make the PSVita such a great hand held is giving it more games to choose from. It's a pretty pricey hand held with great graphics, a nice touch screen, good controls, and from what I've heard has outstanding Internet.
    But the main reason not many people are buying this is because of the library of games available! It's simple, make good games like Ratchet&Clank, GTA, GodofWar, The Last Of Us, SouthPark: stick of truth, Watch Dogs, the NEW StarWars Battlefront, Deadrising 3, Vanquish, Borderlands 2, Fallout, Mass Effect, Batman Arkham Knight, Metal Gear Solid: Revengance, and possibly an actually good Call Of Duty game to have on the go to compete with your friends.

  7. Haydn Leyshon

    Yeah a PSvita, PS3, Wii, Wii U and a 3ds

  8. Haydn Leyshon

    Am getting a vita at the end of the month can't wait 🙂

  9. michael paute

    I have one add me hugoonce12345678

  10. Can you get youtube on the vita

  11. I like your video

  12. And yes minecraft is coming to the vita, it's being developed by 4JStudios

  13. I just one and a Xbox One 😀

  14. Got one and xbox one

  15. MrTeamScorpion

    i think vita need more game. why gta v not coming to vita ? latest gta that can be played on vita only psp version gta liberty city, so sad 🙁

  16. buying a vita soon

  17. Jérémie Laliberté

    I think that many people (including myself) hope that the vita integration in the ps4 ecosystem will be great!

    remote play over the internet might end up a great feature!
    and cross play and cross-purchases as well.

    I'm thrilled to see how this turns out.
    that said, the vita by itself is well worth its quite low price tag

    The VitaTV is a great product too!
    so this might all just happen as more people, and then the big Game Devs, will adopt the ps4/vita combo over time 🙂

  18. FrosTy theNoob

    Vita sales are going up. We still need more blockbuster games like bioshock, deadspace, or mass effect [maybe not ported with exclusive story lines]

  19. Jérémie Laliberté

    because you know, I'm a happy vita owner since 4:00 PM today 🙂 Yay!!

  20. Jérémie Laliberté

    There's a youtube app downloadable, it works with your account and subscriptions yes

    Youtube in the browser works fine as well

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