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Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Sony PSP Review

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  1. good job guys you got a whole 240p in this video👌👌👌

  2. This is without a doubt the best GTA game I have ever played…

  3. Game of stuff

    I still play this on my ps vita

  4. Landon Rafferty

    why do all there old reviews say none in the description

  5. This game is way more fun then vice city stories, vice city stories is not addicted but this game is

  6. Harjeet Singh

    i thought liberty city stories is a game

  7. this brings me back when the psp was big i was addicted on this game when I got it

  8. I like LCS for two reasons:
    Liberty City
    Great lighting

    Makes it feel like a real city.

  9. VideoGameHistory

    GTA LCS is the comfiest game in the series.
    90's music and setting
    Canon prequel to the GTA3
    Lazlow is on the radio!
    Motorbikes and cars from Vice City are included
    Comedy is cranked up
    Looks great on the PsVita

  10. too bad it doesn't look well on the PS3 on my HDTV. The graphics are choppy as hell while VCS and VC looks better than they ever did. Haven't got GTA 3 yet on my PS3 but all in due time.

  11. Morten Tverstøl

    That multiplayer was so awesome!

  12. MYO Disinfectant

    1. GTA LCS
    2. GTA V
    3. GTA VC
    4. GTA SA
    5. GTA III

  13. TheAlexLilAlex

    How could you not play the main theme ??!

  14. Usman Akhtar

    My favourite GTA..

  15. Divyansh Garg


  16. Good times.. Many good memories i remember when this game came out I was very young (about 13).. The times when game wasn't about the graphics only the fun and gameplay!

  17. GTA,Chinatown,sucks

  18. that intro LMAO

  19. Just got this for $2.50 off eBay. Never played Liberty City Stories. Have Vice City Stories for PS2..never played it though..

  20. Pearse Quinn

    1st song

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