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Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Nintendo DS Review – Video

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  1. Hoang / phntmyt

    That was my childhood game 😀

  2. metroidvania rules!! lml

  3. Order of ICC Productions

    unskippable ads is the quickest way to get a dislike and for me to never come back. you are the reason why people install adblock, i do you a favor by not installing it so you can make some money…. i won't be viewing any more of your videos.

  4. Nathan Jennings

    My second fave Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. Damn game kept my DS arockin'.

  5. Haha, Tutankhamen's pyramid? Even though he wasn't buried in a pyramid?

  6. 四二十 ʂ ϼ ѧ ͼ ɐ ꚍ ᚱ ɐ ɐ ş 四二十

    Haters are going to hate! It's not bad, no where near it, but, it's no SOTN.

  7. this guy must have got fired, because I've never seen a review this well done from this organization.

  8. If anybody wants a real challenge try this game on Richter mode hard mode lv. 1, after about a month of dying over and over I finally hit Dracula! Although Richter's whip only does 6 damage to Dracula and 13 to Death :/ it's gonna be a long battle

  9. I used Charlotte until the 2nd half of the game where Vampire Killer was unlockable.

  10. Best standalone cv if you got into from SoTN

  11. I'm charlotte 95 % of the time, her magic kicks ass. loved this game. They are all really good, best games on the NDS in my opinion

  12. Great Castlevania game!

  13. gilgamesh310

    The artstyle in this is garbage compared to that in SotN.

  14.  jonathan sucks in comparison to charlotte, her spells wipe out near everything

  15. Orange bison


  16. None of the DS Castlevanias were all that good, this one might have been the worst

  17. Wait!, Wait!, Wait!, i thoguht PoR was supposed to be a squeal to Bloodlines, so WTF?, you are confusing a lot of people about this game,

  18. Fiuh… Finally a decent Castlevania game. Not those shitty Rebootvanias.

  19. Nope Noperson

    This game was great.

  20. EG Technologies - UAE


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