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Extreme Overwatch Gaming PC Budget Build Under $200 – June 2016

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ADAMANT Extreme Gaming Computer INtel Core i7 7700K 4.2Ghz Corsair Liquid Cooling 16Gb Hyper-X DDR4 3TB HDD 480Gb SSD Wi-Fi 750W PSU Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

  • CPU 7th Gen Intel Core i7-7700K 4.2GHz || MOTHERBOARD Gigabyte Z270 Series
  • RAM 16GB Hyper-X DDR4-2666Mhz || HDD 3TB WD Blue || SSD 480GB Kingston SATA3
  • Graphics Card nVidia GTX 1080 Ti 11GB || PSU Thermaltake Smart 750W
  • OS Windows 10 Home || CPU FAN Corsair H55 Water Cooler || 24X Asus DVD+/-RW || Wireless-N 300Mbps
  • Assembled and Tested, 3 Years Parts / Labor Warranty || Free Tech Support || 1-2 Business Day Shipping
Thermaltake Versa N21 Snow Mid Tower Case USB 3.0 x 1,USB 2.0 x 2, HD Audio x 1 Rear 120 x 120 x 25 mm fan (1000rpm, 16dBA) External 1 x 5.25'', 1 x 3.5", Internal 3 x 3.5'' or 2.5'', 1 x 2.5''
Thermaltake Smart 750W Power Supply 80 PLUS® Bronze certified, High quality Japanese main capacitor Ultra-quiet 140mm cooling fan with low noise level. Heavy-duty protection circuitry of Over Current, Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over Power and Short-Circuit protections.
Gigabyte Z27

List Price: $ 2,553.60 Price: $ 2,553.60


  1. Lhirical Game

    The Corsair VS 450w Can Handle The GTX 660ti?

  2. I found a Dell Optiplex 990 i7 2600 quad core 8gb with no hdd, os and video card (for $150), i only have a 300$ budget, do you think I could make one with that?

  3. Nonexistanthuman

    really enjoy the content you put out find you a couple weeks ago and i enjoy what you are doing for the pc community

  4. Another good video i might build this for my friend he likes overwatch Thanks

  5. minerwars215

    Dat plush toy

  6. that is me LoL CSGO and someothers lol


  8. But i can run over watch with my 660 At full maxed out settings, is it bcos of my i7 4770? and 16 gb ram

  9. core 2 duo e8400 4gb ram ddr3 1600mhz gt 730 128-bit 2gb gddr3

    what can I run?

  10. Can i use a gtx 660 ti too?

  11. What program did you use to show GPU, CPU temps and load?

  12. Guille Ghemi

    Hey dude, i loved this video. I made a $80 build which can run witcher 3 at 40 fps , its in my channel. Keep doing this videos, please!

  13. Daevon Jackson

    i have a great tip for the build don't go with nvidia for older builds they stop supporting their gpu's after it hits 3 generations old plus the hd 7950 is the same amount with an extra gb of v-ram for 80$ since amd rebrands their gpu it's always getting updated

  14. I'm going to try one of these builds. it is intriguing i just built a high end rig because i wanted to jump straight into gaming without waiting for the best deals. But I want to do a budget build as a project seems chill. keep up the vids man.

  15. Nicolas Caiozzo

    if your not gonna use this please message me because i'm in dire need to play anything and my pc is too small to fit anything inside besides ram.

  16. James Mulligan

    the cringe of seeing amds stock cooler. but I get it that it had to fit in the budget

  17. That PC would be an upgrade from what I am using at the moment actually.

  18. im rocking a phenom ii with a gtx 970 just waiting ryzen to come out to see if newer quad core cpu prices drop

  19. on polish auction are new 17$ boards 1155, and used intel g850 for 10$. Do you guys recomend g850 for similar build ?

  20. What is the program he uses to check the usage/ cpu usage?

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