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Razer Blade Pro (2014) 17″ Gaming Laptop Hands-on

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  1. XXCaptainspikeXX

    Can I get a link to amazon

  2. Gkpi Malakas

    Good thing but it fuckning costs 2300$ ! 🙁

  3. Just ordered mine

  4. Matthew Garcia

    Is the pro better than the 14 for gaming?

  5. Are the specs on The New Razer Blade better than The New Razer Blade Pro

  6. Moses Jonson

    wait why are ign videos 720p? whats up man 

  7. Joshua Lawrence

    Wait so is this laptop more powerful than an AW14?

  8. This thing is not only weaker than the 14" model, but weaker than its cheaper competitors like the GS70 Pro and Aorus X7.

  9. SH4D0WXR33CONt1

    This shit isn't overpriced, I don't know why people are saying that. I compared it to Asus, MSI, Lenovo, Alienware, Digital Storm, Origin PC, and a lot more. Every thing with the same specs was bulkier had shorter battery life, way cheaper build quality with it flexing and just cheap plastic while this is full aluminum, in the case of the 14" no other screen could compare, and THEY WERE MORE EXPENSIVE!!! And don't forget this comes with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, GIMP, and something else that I forgot. Honestly it's tied for the best with the MacBook Pro.

  10. I have no idea why they did not used same screen for Razer Blade pro

  11. Tutankoopa if u don like it dont say anything if there is one thing overpriced its the macbook pro but i don lime the razer blade price as well but its best we keep our mouth shut or we will get flagged

  12. EpicKiller91

    ain't no nobody got time for that

  13. $3k? wtf

  14. Ishneet Chadha

    I like alienware over razr just waiting when they will release a touchscreen 17!

  15. escapeofthedead

    The comments here are trash. Muh desktop. Muh neckbeard. Muh wallet.

  16. Drug and Alcohol Lady

    rather use my desktop where I can upgrade individual parts.

  17. $2,299 for a gaming… PC? WHY!? I thought PC gaming is cheaper then console gaming? >.< that price is retarded can you play The Division or Watchdogs at Ultra Max setting 4k 120fps or something…? I mean… Fack…

  18. PurifiedWater

    I would like to get a razer blade but I have no money to spend on it lol. But if I were to choose over the pro or the 14 inch I would get the pro because its only 100 dollars more expensive. Thats just my opinion though.

  19. $2299?…wow, that's way to much.

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