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Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Review

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  1. الور الحسن


  2. الور الحسن


  3. its your Boy Greg its cool

    I have that

  4. RDR looks alot better on a 360

  5. StopWastingYourTimeReadingMyLongAssName Nigga

    Wow. Im super late for this, SMH.

  6. AnalBag McTittySlapper

    Amen! I love that fat thing! The Xbox One is even worse than the 360, and that is unbelievable!

  7. BalticMotorSport

    good choice!

  8. Michelle Bourgeois

    Ian getting mine friday

  9. Henkow Peterslag

    I´m gettin this slim i don´t like the new ps3 super slim.

  10. The Human Spider 2010

    what tv should i buy im on a budget here & could the ps3 work well with a 32 lcd ?

    and just curious how big is that tv 🙂

  11. Byakugan Blade

    The fat ps3 is good but slime sucks

  12. borderlands did it to all of my accounts but yet i'm pleased with my system

  13. i would rather see MW3 then see pretty much nothing

  14. and it isn't as bad as a fucking pc

  15. i did you still talkin shit

  16. Did you even see what I wrote?

    Also only idiots care about graphics enough to mention them.

  17. 50% ARE YOU INSANE my friend got a new elite 2 weeks ago had 1 1/2 foot of air round the thing fucker still RROD in 3 days of 5 hr play. my ps3 slim is living after all the play it sees. ps3 is the better for graphics, exclusives, cooling, and dashboard

  18. Mohammad Amir

    xbox 360..the best..

  19. Looking back, it's better for all consoles now than it was.
    PS3: Pricey as fuck (now $250)
    Xbox: 50% chance of RROD (now the hardware is much more stable)
    Wii: no good games (Nintendo has since addressed that themselves)

  20. ps3 used to suck but now with the slim one and all the new games the tables are turning.

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