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Amazon Fire TV Stick: Unboxing & Review

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Flat HDMI Cable 15 ft - 2-Pack - High Speed HDMI Cord - Supports, 4K Video at 60 Hz, 3D, 2160p - HDMI Latest Standard - HDCP 2.2 Compliant, CL3 Rated - 15 Feet

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  • HDMI LATEST STANDARD - Our High speed HDMI Cord certified version 2.0b is the HDMI latest standard and is backwards compatible with all previous versions, providing maximum quality performance for your gaming or home theater setup that support the latest and most advanced HDMI features.
  • PERFORMANCE - This HDMI flat wire supports 4K Video at 60 Hz, 2160p, 48 bit/PX color depth and bandwidth speed of up to 18GBps to meet the latest HDMI standards and HDCP 2.2 Compliant. Compatible with: HDTV, Blu-Ray players, Apple TV, Roku, PS4, Xbox One, computers, cable boxes, and devices with standard HDMI ports.
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Product Description

With so many TVs, cable boxes, media streamers, DVD players, and other electronic components out there, your home can become covered in a web of wires. Thankfully, most audio/video devices converge on a single standard cable to move audio and video: HDMI.

Connect various HD devices with our newest version 2.0b flat HDMI cable 15 ft to enable advanced HDMI features such as: 4K resolution, ultra HD 2160p, bandwidth up to 18Gbps, 3D HD, ethernet and audio return. B

List Price: $ 16.49 Price: $ 16.49


  1. Amazing video absolutely love the comprehensive guide!!

  2. Seagullian Dave

    does this work on 3rd party gaming controller

    advanced thanks 🙂

  3. do you need the USB port for it to work

  4. i can find free movies????

  5. Bertha Bourgeois

    Excellent presentation!

  6. Much better if you can get this model https://t.co/Yt42b2zOnk

  7. One of the best reviews i have ever seen 😀 GJ

  8. Is there any point in buying this if I don't have amazon prime???

  9. I bought mine on amazon prime now and still had to input my account…. 😭

  10. prix

  11. lol the remote costs near to the entire device.

  12. Playstation vue bring me here

  13. What is a game controller?

  14. Can I play films from my NAS and control it from an app on my tablet?
    I have been using this system flawlessly to my smart tv for a couple of
    years and it works great but im now looking for a DLNA Media Renderer to
    do this to a non smart tv.
    Will the Fire TV stick work? I tried a chromecast and I couldnt get it to work waste of £30
    I dont want to waste anymore money!

  15. How can I fix buffering issue on my NBC app on firestick I clear caches I have 75 Mbps, router is right next to it and still buffers

  16. I'm going to sell my chromecast I think and buy one of these!

  17. dooqǝqqoqʎןןıq 3B

    mike u r so close to one million subs!

  18. can you watch online Channels like NBA ? for free with this thing

  19. Just ordered one and I am going to put Kodi on it.. 😛

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