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Prey Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

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  1. Ahmed Chaikhoun

    Great and thoughtful review! Thank you for your work sir! 🙂

  2. Cristian Villavicencio

    IGN gives Prey 4.0. What a complete joke…

    ACG is where I go for good reviews! Great job!

  3. thatpoppunkkid

    Subscribed, I've been looking for someone to replace ign and there bullshit 2min reviews, thank you sir, never change lol

  4. GeorgiaBabylon

    "An Entire Warwick Davis of cocaine" that's a lot of blow.

  5. vanilla lovetrap

    in acg we believe.

  6. Kaede Kayano (Akari Yukimura)

    I dunno why IGN gave it a very low score of 4.
    But this review is far better than IGN. Awesome review of PREY, ACG!

  7. ign and gamespot gave it 4/6 WTF?? this game looks great

  8. It's about time No Mans Sky got some DLC

  9. Dixie Normous

    Bioshock infinity sounds like a toy story themed rapture

  10. I want dead space to make come back.

  11. The only gripe​ I have from this game of lack of customization when it comes to character. other than that it's a fun game. playing this and Mass effect Andromeda

  12. Curtis Layton

    excellent review as always quickly becoming my go to for game reviews!

  13. We did it bois! We got Half Life 3!

  14. Fucking amazing review. IGN and Gamespot are terrible. This is easily the best game of 2017 so far.

  15. Your reviews are amazing. I've literally never used reviews as a basis for buying a game before until you. Very thorough and cover the important stuff. You put to shame the BS major game sites throw together. Thanks for changing the game up. I even watch your reviews for games I have no interest in just because lol.

  16. TheAhmadtaker

    This is what we call a review, not gemspot or ign's half assed reviews.

  17. Steve Reinhart

    Take note IGN(Dan), and pretty much all major gaming sites, this is how to do a review.

  18. Wow!! just WOW…I can't remember a game that has had such conflicting reviews.That said i have'nt played it yet but the tone of the game setting does'nt seem to fit the art style.Maybe arcane should've used the unreal engine like the original
    prey that had a much better atmosphere,.All the character models look like there from timesplitters too,from back in
    the 90's.
    For me a sale purchase…:)

  19. Not sure whats up with some of the negative reviews out there. I've been having a blast with this game so far. The key is to take your time exploring rushing through does this game a disservice.

  20. Thank you for this review. I picked the game up after watching this and I absolutely love it. unfortunately alot of people are probably going to watch the terrible Ign and Gamespot reviews and are going to miss out on an awesome game.

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