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Forza Horizon 2 Xbox 360 Gameplay – Walkthrough & First Impressions

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  1. Hunter Draves

    You guys are rich enough to buy an xbox one some people are not.

  2. this game is good on 360 but dont compare it to the Xbox one version that is just not fair

  3. are the road trips cut out of the x360

  4. Who is ben. is he the horizon 1 character?

  5. I just want say it looks really bad

  6. alice leonara


  7. alice leonara

    nossa o cara e kraq

  8. Supr_ Sonic10

    just bought this game because I'm not waiting 3 months to play the Xbox one version for my birthday so I got this version for now till I buy the Xbox one version in November

  9. Is the 360 version worth getting if I loved the original game and don't plan on getting a XB1?

  10. I was trying to figure out why mine looks different then I realised that I changed my saturation and stuff on my telly

  11. krem-ksa- 507

    يجي ممنه

  12. James Walmesley

    How did you screen record

  13. She is in charge of garage services? Sounds like a pimp.

  14. CampbellSoups

    the Xbox 360 version wasnt developed by Playground Games it was a different company that created the 360 version

  15. To anyone who has played Horizon 2 on 360, do you feel that the cars feel too arcady? Are the car physics sufficiently realistic compared to the Motorsport series or do they feel way too arcady for a Forza game?

  16. Stephen Horton

    not bad for eleven year old hardware

  17. It is your tv

  18. Iam Not Groot !!

    I had the 360 version, I HATED IT the developers who did this really didn't care because it's so glitchy and less places to go and stuff to do!!!

  19. Christopher Marroquin

    I got a xbox one I got the game

  20. I got that game

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