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Wii U Pro Controller Video Review – IGN Reviews

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  1. William Lowick McNAMARA

    why would the controller need a headset jack

  2. YouTube Scoring

    Does it REALLY last 80 hours? I heard it lasts actually 8 hours depending on the game and how many times you have to press button inputs?

  3. Does this have a shake?
    Like Wii's controller

  4. It's nice but the new pro controller on Switch is better … Feels so good but you don't need it.

  5. enrique serrano

    I love this controller

  6. Sinue Salgado

    awesome controller

  7. Idán Mizrahi


  8. kristian johansen

    The pro controller is nice but to me I see no reason why to buy it cuz really I thought the Wii U game pad was already pro enough even though it has an horrible battery life

  9. OwenGamer 905

    a great thing to own. the price is a bit on the high side. I've always wanted Nintendo to do this and they have. a truly great controller

  10. Anthony Alzamora

    I never got this controller, I really want it D:

  11. good controller

  12. it charges with a USB mini.

  13. nazouma Belhameche

    please can we use it on the nintendo switch ?????😢😢😨😨

  14. I'm just wondering does this pro controller work on all Nintendo wii u games??

  15. Michael Valentino

    I'll be playing breath of the wild on Wii u, so I'll use this controller.

  16. Eshan Chaudhry

    Wtf happened to the screen

  17. I hope breath of the wild supports this controller.

  18. i wish that the wii u pro controller had a mic in the next controller update…

  19. ☢ SNICKERS 5+2 GRATIS ☢

    02:43 DON'T listen to the narrator, it does not use micro USB to charge, it takes MINI USB. What kind of "professional" technology reviewer doesn't even know what a USB port is!

  20. Sticker Star is good

    I didn't even know controllers had headphone jacks

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