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Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth Sony PSP Review – Video Review

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  1. Brian Lingard

    I hate games with time limits.

  2. Mao Stravinsky

    Sounds like Darkk Mane

  3. Mighty Minotaur

    Ugh… I want to play this game so bad after seeing Indivisible, but I don't have a PlayStation Console.

  4. stupidreligionz

    nothing about the gameplay…

  5. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/indivisible-rpg-from-the-creators-of-skullgirls#/

    For those who want a mechanical spiritual successor to to Valkyrie profile, try this game. The campaign is already done but you can still download the demo for steam, ps4 and Xbox. I just want to spread the news about this game since they are quite similar. Hopefully you'll like it and Happy New year everyone.

  6. Introgauge .C

    This game just leaves you with a sense of dred and a feeling of emptiness. Obviously you're dealing with these characters with very tragic stories. Who you simply take and they are with you, but their lives are pointless, you can't feel for these characters anymore. You just have these empty husks of people in your group with no purpose to living or fighting.

  7. So, basically, this is a PS1 game that got the George Lucas treatment then put on PSP?
    Ya know, that's a fitting way of using the current hand helds. Get old classics, polish up graphics and flaws, and put them on a current gen hand held with a little extra thrown in, like extra cutscenes or levels or something. 
    Now, was there more than one Valkyrie ps1 games. or is it, this is the Ps1 game, and then there was a ps2 game, and the ps1 game got put on psp….and is the ps2 game that good? And is it available on psn?

  8. I hated this game when I first played it on psp a while back, the portrait art style bothered me most. Gameplay was good. But now I want to get it again because it's become a rare gem in the PSP library. A friend advised me not to sell it, damn he was right lol.

  9. The Heartless Alchemist

    Great Review, man.
    Too bad the sequel didn't live up to the hype, amIright?

  10. This game was only overlooked because it came out at the same time the PS2 was launching. Luckily I had reserved both a PS2 and Valkyrie Profile.

  11. Best game ever made, my absolute favorite.

  12. Kapamaru Jujitsu

    amazing game,played this on ps1

  13. Doesn't that make you the dumb fuck? How are these companies going to keep making good games without support from the community?

    Pay for your shit

  14. Mo_Murumasa28

    PSN release hello!!! Still fucking waiting..

  15. Dear Square Enix, it's not to late to make Valkyrie Profile: Hrist. Thank you!

  16. The issue here is though is that no one will ever do it. I guess the series is kinda dead right now. Well seeing as a lot of older games are getting those "HD" remakes and being put back into the spotlight then maybe? It would be pretty awesome if that happened. But again they need to put it on the store or something. Get people into this stuff again. Look at capcom. I know people hate them but they know how to get people back into older stuff.

  17. I agree, by far the best game imo. Shame they dont make a sequel or as u said a remake of this one. I hope that if they remake this, they'll stick with the way it was on the first game. 2D that is

  18. Shame they don't remake this. Like clean up the game and maybe add in stuff they could never put in before? Then put it up on the vita. Man that would be so cool.

  19. wtf best game for psp review has only 4k view?

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