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5 Reasons Why I LOVE the Nintendo 2DS | An In-Depth Review

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  1. I have ds lite

  2. The New 2DS comes out the at the end of July! 🙂

  3. Josh Grimberg

    I broke my screen watching this video 🙁

  4. curlywurly2204

    where did you get your case from please?

  5. Lil Theuce Theuce

    What about the new 2DS xl?

  6. Cian Oisin O'Leary

    3DS is better

  7. Wylyth Farraige-Draíochta

    So, should I get this (which cost less and comes with a game now but won't be compatible with certain 3DS games and won't have access to Super Nintendo Virtual Console) or should I save my money and get the New 2DS XL

  8. White Alien Kirby

    my birthday

  9. White Alien Kirby

    im getting a 2ds for birthday

  10. it's awesome

  11. Scotrail170401 RBLX

    They're going to make another 3DS I can see one coming in 2018

  12. Cesar Montelongo

    and for the reasons too

  13. Cesar Montelongo

    i agree with you!
    i love the 2ds!

  14. Thelonleygeno

    I also love the 2DS

  15. Laus InDaHouse

    I like the 3ds (Normal) more 😛

  16. Electro Jones

    I have one but am getting the new 2DS

  17. DougieDigsGaming

    Im getting a 2DS tomorrow

  18. NSGtheGamer ;D

    I have the 2DS and i love it so much

  19. SoloWatcher86

    Thanks for standing up for the 2DS man! I had been out of games for a while and had totally skipped over the DS generation. The 2DS helped me jump in on the cheap and I absolutely love it. Just like you said, it brings back memories of the Gameboy. People complain that it feels like a toy… but it IS a toy, and that's why i love it. I don't need my Nintendo system to feel like an Apple product (though I still love my Switch). I feel totally comfortable just leaving this thing laying around and throwing it (literally) in my bed or on the ground and don't have to worry about it. No one want's to admit it, but secretly this is the best 3DS model.

  20. It is cheaper and other reasons yeah the cheaper made my day

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