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Top 5 Best Budget Gaming Laptops in 2015

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  1. these arent budget ….

  2. Could've put links.. :/

  3. ParkourNATHAN 777

    I'm looking for a gaming LAPTOP that can run arma 3, day z and stuff like on med to high settings but that's under 700, any suggestions??

  4. this is not bugdet laptops. bugdet laptops is like $500 or less not $900 🙁

  5. Travis Ayotte

    I was thinking something around $100

  6. Travis Ayotte

    NONE of the laptops are cheap!!

  7. if your not gonna say the specific part don't do a video. it's pointless "amd a processor" can mean several

  8. The music makes me cry, that song is so sad… Veela… why?

  9. which is good for sims 4 on high or medium?

  10. Vince Pascasio

    Can anyone tell me if this laptop is good, because I'm thinking of buying it.

  11. Best budget… There like 1000$ dollar laptops that's not budgeted

  12. Title says 2015
    Video says 2014
    Uploaded in 2013


  13. ゲーマーkawaii

    Does anyone know a good gaming laptop that is cheap and runs well on Minecraft that is light?

  14. Veggie TheGamer

    this was uploaded in 2013 why it say 2015

  15. My inner nerd is screaming at this video! What are the processors clocked at? For al i know the graphics could be a ge force 650 ti. Is the ram ddr3 or ddr4? It could be ddr2 we need to know this! 😤

  16. Buy Asus X550DP. The specs :
    CPU : AMD A10 5750M 2.5 Ghz
    GPU : AMD 8670M + 8650G dual graphics
    Screen : 15.6 inch 1.366 x 768 or WXGA

    It could get 30 fps on AC Unity 1.024 x 768 at medium

  17. It is showing me that this video was published in 2013… it's a bug right?

  18. Julian Barcelon

    Is 4GB of ram good for gaming?

  19. I wanna get a new laptop but does anyone know one that can play company of heroes 2 or rome 2. Everything on high settings? I have a Sony Vaio it plays company of heroes well on medium settings. But i wanna upgrade or can i just buy the things necessary to play better on the laptop i currently have? Im horrible with this kinda stuff can anyone recommend something to me please?

  20. These really aren't "Cheap" gaming laptops. You could probably make a gaming PC for the same or less money.

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