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Ninja Gaiden Sigma PlayStation 3 Review – Video Review (HD)

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  1. agartha Platnum

    great review thank you👍

  2. Damn ! I just can't beat Rachel s sister I ch 9! Help

  3. Shayan Farhangi

    Good Review , thank u

  4. Aleksandr Sinitskiy

    The guy is stuttering because he is nervous. Give him a break.

  5. ill give a like because of the umss

  6. Dominic Francis

    New Drinking Game: Have a shot every time this guy says "Um"

  7. 420smokyblunts in baghdad

    You can kill doku on chapter 2, doing so unlocks the next tier of difficulty for the game instead of you having to complete the entire game to unlock it, I beat him on my MN play through just for the karma score he's worth a nice amount.

  8. "UHM"

  9. is this the game what was realesed on the original xbox??

  10. this game is awesome it's way better than the nes version

  11. Tenchu?!?? Lol

  12. You can totally kill Doku in chapter 2. I just watched a guy do it yesterday. The cutscene afterward stays the same, though.

  13. xHauntedPixelsx

    Anyone notice how many times this dude said "Uhm"?

  14. I love this game, the only downside is the lack of trophy support.

  15. I want so much to finish this so i can uninstall it…

  16. ok then sigma 2

  17. Whats the diference between ninja gaiden 3 and ninja gauden 3 sigma

  18. ThePsychicWaste

    this is one hell of a game! hard to learn, even harder to master 🙂 you can replay the story again and again, you unlock a new difficulty setting every time so every playthrough is another tough challenge!

  19. third 🙁

  20. FIRST

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