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Outlast 2 Review! Scariest Game EVER? (PS4/ Xbox One)

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  1. It kind of sucked. The first one had a much better story. A cohesive well written plot with fun gameplay mechanics and engaging AI. Outlast 2 seemed to miss all of that. The AI would always find you. It was always just chase scenes with scary music. The story was there but fell back on hallucinations to break up the environments instead of creating one world that felt real and cohesive. I do not like cheap flash back like scenes that take you to another area. It feels like pointless filler. You want to uncover the mysteries of the main area. Not some dream world side area that has no depth. Its just bullshit filler that looks pretty. The only explanation for it is that your going crazy like all the enemies. Radio waves from some Murkoff outpost? You really have to dig to put that together. One in a half play throughs before I found the letter that explains what is happening. One letter!!! Its a terrible game. Something like dark souls has one huge world that you can explore and uncover. Not 50 loading screens that break it up into completely different places that have nothing to do with one another. It makes what your doing feel pointless because you want to get back to exploring the main game. The school areas didn't really serve the plot. It was just something personal to the character that could have been explained in better ways. You could have actually stumbled across an abandoned school in the desert and played through the dreams in real time. Had a real psycho chasing you that reminded you of the priest. Maybe it wasn't run down but the power was off. You turn the power on and they could have shown off those unreal 3 engine graphics. The desert areas were stale and looked boring. They could have made the game something special. Like the first one but in unreal 3s engine. I swear the first was so much better. The healing mechanics were completely pointless in 2. If an enemy saw you… which was 90% of the time… they would kill you in 2 hits. There wasn't any of the cat and mouse hide and seek suspense filled dark hallway scenes like the first game. It was always just loud music and running. I never had to heal once through the game unless there was no way around getting hit. You weren't going to get hit… Hide …. then get hit again. If they see you and you don't get away… your dead. Get away meaning… make it to the next cut scene. Becuase there was no hiding. I kept seeing all these places where you could hide in water but they were all pointless. You never needed to use them because you were going to get seen and run through. Not every time but most of the time. The core mechanics of the first game was hiding and being scared. Not running with loud music to the next cut scene. In the first game your motivated by being an investigative journalist. Awesome. In this game your going through complete he'll instead of going the opposite way and getting the police just to save a girl. Save your girlfriend cliche is fucking lame. Being an investigative journalist an uncovering mysteries isn't. End rant.

  2. Jonathan Mejia

    /did u really played this game?? 9/10 are u insane :/

  3. Wafflezombies1964

    The Joe show did not like this game some-how I think he is right.  Why so many with high scores with this game

  4. Dont listen to these dumb ass haters. Your reviews are solid and you clearly know your material. Keep up the great work!

  5. Is no one gonna talk about the story? it's very annoying and horribly delivered

  6. whyyYYy do you aaAAalways taaAAalk like thiiIIis?

  7. Everything you say sounds like you're asking a question

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  9. Idk why people find this game scary, it's just gory.

  10. Toasted Zombie

    Great work on the video! I love the atmosphere of this game but I just can not enjoy it as much unless I can beat the crap out of something. It's simply too rewarding (to me anyway) to be able to do so.

  11. Listen guys headphinws full volunw bless ur ears and leta see i f the gamw.isnt scary

  12. good video Mr Dreamcast . don't ever change for the haters. " keeeeep dreeeeamin"!

  13. Tarkin The Thug

    How long is the game?

  14. Tarkin The Thug


    Murkoff Corporation is still the main antagonist in the Outlast series.

  15. your singing narration…. 😂

  16. What's up, gamers.

  17. I don't like the no defense style in this game that's why I didn't buy the first game

  18. Robert-John Keizer, de

    Anyone else seeing technical parallels with Alien Isolation? It looks like the same engine modernised.

  19. nice review downloading it on steam I only wish it had support for vr

  20. this should be in VR

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