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CGR Undertow – QUANTUM OF SOLACE 007 for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

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  1. I bought the PS3 version of this game at GameStop for $4.49 and it is the BEST PS3 game I've played since the Ratchet and Clank games ok?!!!!!

  2. This was perhaps one of the worst games of the ps3/x360/wii generation. I remember getting it, playing through the whole campaign in an hour which was incredibly stale with dodgy aim mechanics, and returning it to the store the same week. Man the guy reviewing this needs to get a better shot, I can barely watch. Everything or nothing and from Russia with love, agent under fire, i could go on, are incomparable to this. Game feels like it was developed in 4 months with scraps being stitched together from pieces from other shooters like mgs and cod.

  3. Daniel Higashikata

    why is golden eye still brought up? the game is completely outdated it isn't good

  4. shadowheart52

    Good game.

  5. plus this game was made by Treyarch…

  6. Matthew St Vincent

    Best movie game of all time is "GoldenEye"?

    Has he ever played "Spider-Man 2"?

  7. thebadassgamershow

    this game was kinda underrated it pretty good game

  8. Thank you so much. The only good review, I'm defiantly gonna get the game now. Bit like cod really isn't it?

  9. I bought this game for two bucks yesterday, and I'm taking it back today…  The game is laggy to the point of unplayable (xbox 360) and the QTE's don't recognize the button presses most of the time.  Also, anytime I enter an area, the gameplay slows to a crawl, the camera jumps around like a parkinson's patient, and the aiming mechanic is glitchy at best… I'm disappointed.

  10. This game is fun but no where near as good as COD. Decent fun early game tho but don't expect too much

  11. Greatest Quantum of Solace Montage

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  12. it might be amazing on xbox or ps3 this is one of the best wii shooters still

  13. u can't play locally.

  14. Severus SWERVE

    Because there were games exclusive to (Not just Nintendo games) it I couldn't get on the Saturn…which I traded for a PS1 after it's fall

  15. Professor Genki

    In Goldeneye, his favorite pistol was the PP7. But, I am counting the modern games.

  16. Professor Genki

    They're similar but his favorite gun is actually the Walther P99. The PPK has a hammer. The P99 does not. Not being mean.

  17. stephenchow79

    Why would you own a N64 if you hated the controller so much? Most games don't even use the d-pad or left trigger so its just like any other controller

  18. Superchalkster

    actually its the PPK lol

  19. starwarsfanboy101

    this is a very good long time fav game of mine…and the cover systerm similar to rainbow six vegas is a huge gameplay diffrence over CoD or battlefield and the mulitiplayer is my fav ever its the game i go to when im bord…no killstreaks just pure gun play with great customisation options like silencers, 3 diffrent sights, and gold plating to unlock on each weapon i love the cover mechanic its what makes the game stand apart from other shooters and the multiplayer maps are brilliant

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