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Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Review

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  1. Ben Eidelkind

    If you don't have any cons, why would you give it a 9.8? Ign logic

  2. jesus dominguez

    this game is broken asf

  3. Nightcaster460

    Scores shouldn't be a thing.

  4. Nightcaster460

    I played Super Smash Bros, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Smash Flash, and Super Smash Flash 2.

  5. Melee for life

  6. CrandMaster 964

    You know how you said your sure your gonna keep playing smash for WiiU? Well s,ash switch is just a better version of smash for WiiU, it even got a new character

  7. no cons but still got a score of 9.8? I dnt get it

  8. Redfox Bennaton

    Why do autistic people mention Smash whenever I mention any video game character?

  9. Flamiz dimensións


  10. CrisCarl dustinfaith122112

    first comment since Switch launch. and im proud to have my wii u by my side

  11. Gohado Number

    still there are babies crying over an adventure mode

  12. IAmThe GameBoy

    Really REALLY no cons and you didn't just give it a frickn 10

  13. Games With Caleb

    this game is old but it is still $60 wow

  14. mohamed hamid

    U know who bring this game together? Cloud…

  15. Guys, Do you know any masterpiece from IGN apart from
    (A masterpiece is a game rated 10/10)

  16. This is a weak entry in the series. Looks, sounds, and plays near identical to Brawl. More old stages than new. Weak graphics. You need to be drunk to enjoy it. MIDI soundtrack, you know because orchestras are too mainstream. I got tired of this game and went back to Melee. Much better game.

  17. TheStuffGuysLike26

    Has no cons.
    Gets a 9.8
    Makes sense IGN.

  18. If there's no cons, why isn't the game a 10

  19. 2 years already. Wow.

  20. Lord Sairight/Denny

    My score about Smash Bros series:
    SSB 64- 7.5
    SSB Melee- 8.5
    SSB Brawl- 9.5
    SSB for 3DS- 8.3
    SSB for Wii U- 8.0

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