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Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni (Vita/PSTV) Review

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  1. victoria malveaux

    I just got this game from a friend and before I play I wanted to look at a review. The only thing that bothers me is the typos since there is a lot of dialogue… hopefully it's not that bad

  2. Not Sasuke Uchiha

    Oh watch out nudity and breast.

    But killing children and people
    It's meh.

    Fuck you piece of shit, mentality like this is what keep developers localizing

  3. One of the few games for vita gamestop doesn't sell. It is truly Amazing how a game like God of War with its awesome gore and sex for orbs is stocked but a game with big titted heroines is not sold. My guess is cuz it is vita and not a huge title the amount sold will not be enough to offset possible backlash from parents. Just retarded how TITS ARE SOOOOOO BAD IN THE US

  4. Fantastic video. Very informative, cleanly voiced, doesn't dodge any issues that might be prevalent. Subbed!

  5. Tarks Gauntlet

    Really good review. I'm uploading one today and waited until now to see how others felt. Kind of nervous as I ended up liking this game a lot less than the average person it seems. And I LOVED the senran kagura games. This game just disappointed me.

  6. lol what's with the oversized boobs?

  7. I want to get this game or gal gun. But I want alot of story mode. Which do you recommend?

  8. Patrick Honeyman

    Thanks for the informative review. You told me about the game without being a total fanboy or outright disgusted by the content as some reviewers can be. Thank you for that and I think I'll pick it up to see for myself (if the combat's more grounded than Senran Kagura that sounds interesting already).

  9. I would apreciate some help if possible cause the game does not run for me, i cant load into level 2 and im getting tons of crashes. If anyone could help that would be nice

  10. Im on drive 17. Close to beating it. The game is meh. Prefer senran kagura. The girls in this game are generic to me. There's too much dialog before and after a chapter which I hate

    Can't wait to beat it so i can move on to criminal Girls 2

  11. Starving Kid From Africa

    I could have eaten this video.

  12. Darien Goheen

    I got the game day 1 USA. Very fun. I am an avid fan of the entire Senran Kagura series. (I have bought the PC version of Shinovi VS even though my PC doesn't run it well so that I have it around when I want to build a PC.) This game is really well made and it feels refreshing to have different mechanics in the same genre.

  13. cool game

  14. Day1 buy

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