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PS VITA vs Sony psp 3000 with Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

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  1. SpenceJRey 151

    PSP = Better than Vita. Boosh

  2. Call of duty Black ops

    Not hating on the psp but come on idiots in the comment section really a psp is not better then a vita. The vita is way better graphics remote play for PS3 and ps4 and you can play psp games on the vita. In the end vita will always win always

  3. Rekha Patidar

    ps vita is better

  4. I like you, you are a good youtuber. You are really calm and dont talk really fast so its easy to understand and agree with what u talk about u also dont stumble over your words, i know alot of ps portable youtubers who do that. So i appreciate you

  5. Evandro Henrique

    Can anyone send me an old Vita? I'm not kidding :-/

  6. WafiSuper _Lex

    psp better

  7. developers need to get off their ass and make games for the vita like they did for the psp and take advantage of the better power. I still cant believe we did not get a GTA game on the vita, that alone would have created sales. Imagine a GTA game with Vita graphics, like a gta 4 stories game

  8. 2 times

  9. i miss my psp that my sis broke

  10. i want to ask,if i jailbreak my vita,can i play online or acces the PSN??So lets say it cant,can i jailbreak it and download a pirate game into my vita,and then update the software back so i can access the PSN?Will my pirate game still be in the vita after i update it?thank☺

  11. why would a girl play games????

  12. Engineer Gamer

    this is great

  13. David Morlans

    I would say psp is better in my opinion

  14. pSP have plenty amazing games unlike the vita thats why i gave mine to my little brother

  15. DeathBladeGamer

    D; i wish i had a vita but i have a psp D;

  16. The Blue Shell Gamer23

    I just can't wait for ps3 and ps2 emulators on this, probably not ps3, but its possible, i think. PS Vita for life and every other game media to ever exist!

  17. Charlie Shakur

    Are the hacked now lol

  18. 5 years later….

  19. Kazuki Katsuhito

    i love all my playstation consoles

  20. how come mhfu on my vita is a bit pixelized?!

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