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Skate It Review for Nintendo DS

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  1. Flats The Flounder

    Do you plan on reviewing the Tony Hawk games on Gameboy and the DS?

  2. SkateSean2125

    I played the iOS version many years ago. It took me far more than two hours to reach Skater-of-the-Year, and I spent half a year until I beat every single challenge 100%.

  3. 6:48 i remember that mission i kept getting knocked down so annoying id rate the game 6/10

  4. Javier Figueroa

    At the best trick montage, just grind on the other side of box and you should be fine.

  5. Skating Kiwi's

    I see a mic

  6. this game should be on 3DS

  7. Sensei Mathew

    Uhm .. @Rad Rat Video when you go to controlls you can change it to the buttons to push.

  8. ♕TyonorShapz C7TJFVB7-CAZ [★Your No.1 Instrumentalz/Rap Archive]

    i will stick to ma skate1 and 3 on PS3😌👉

  9. Kaffeebohnson

    SkateIt DS was bananas impressive for a DS game. It was an insanely ambitious downport. Skate was a "true next gen experience" only possible on the newest and most powerful hardware. And here you saw basically the game running on hardware comparable to a PS1! – It was flawed, for sure. But I really got a kick out of the fact that this is what Skate would have looked like in 1999, next to THPS.

  10. Skating Kiwi's

    Skate it ds was enjoyable for me its an okay game i finished the game 100%

  11. Ninjastar Compass

    I enjoyed the ds skate it, it filled my skate void when the ps3 I use had it's hard drive break.

  12. I played this game back when it was new and the collisions with objects and computer simulated players got me super mad all the time. Also didn't it only have 2 songs? I think one of them was death or glory

  13. who ever said that the ds has more power than ps3 ?? what the fuck are thier smoking

  14. LakoTheCommenter

    I had the iOS version and it was similar to the DS version but different levels and the controls was the same as the ds but more smooth. It unfortunately got removed and doesn't work on iOS 9.

  15. Dylan Ridgway

    I have this game

  16. JPfingerskater

    I played this game to no end back in the day. had everything mastered but definitely helps to change the board icon on the touch screen to vertical. dont think I could go back to it now that I remember those awful races

  17. will u make a fs 360 tutorial plz

  18. Jink8 Official

    iOS was actually very good

  19. The IOS version of skate it was the first game in the skate franchise i played
    This was a few years ago,
    it had some very nice songs from skate 2 too at that time i finished the game 100% and had a good time doing so
    but rewards for progressing where not really there.

    However a few years later after playing alot of skate on ps3 i had forgotten about this game
    and tried to play it again and it seemed very hard to control ! gave up quickly.
    Thanks for another Great video about skateboarding games !

  20. I'm really happy that I skipped the skate it game for the wii and DS. I was hooked on the 360 version and made it to the top 100 on the leader boards. Given the technical problems the skate it games have. I'd have gone nuts

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