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Ridge Racer 7 PlayStation 3 Review – Video Review (HD)

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  1. Wow is he actually 'reviewing' the game and not complaining

  2. does this have large installs?

  3. They need to make RR for PS4, and bring in all the content from all the RR games for a big selection of cars and tracks, that would be one hell of an experience!

  4. World Xplorer > Ridge State Grand Prix, anyone?

  5. MHCP Loquendo

    I cant believe that this game was in 1080p and 60fps.
    I dont know why other developments, never got the same results with other Games in PS3.

  6. Can i still play it online i would like to buy it

  7. The ridge racer series never really got the credit that it rightfully deserves its a really fun arcade racer its a shame that the series is been around for so long and still people havent heard about it

  8. I picked this gem up today for $6. Haven't played a RR game since the PSP. The game looks and plays great even if it's several years old it still holds up. I was able to hop online quickly and race someone from Japan.

  9. Who said that it was a bad game? It's fantastic. People just want far too much "innovation" and "realism". Fucking horseshit is what it is. Great title.

  10. RR7 is such a solid and overlooked game, I had so much fun playing it. Must admit though, it gets crazy hard towards the end. A real achievement to finish all the one on one boss races.

  11. michael crisostomo

    They still play this game online, its like a lion cages they'll eat you alive of how fast the drivers especially international racers.

  12. i love ridge racer & this was good back in the PS 1 days,as we had never seen anything like this on a home console before,arcade perfect port etc,but now NAMCO need to come up with new ideas for the series as we have moved on,unbounded was a waste of time & they took the wrong approach,the nitrous boost was a good idea that rewarded you for drifting,but i would also like to see an in car view,as this is my preferred view in racing games,i know it's an arcade game,but would like to see it happen?

  13. WR Blue Impreza

    im a simulator guy, this was a totally fun break

  14. Stuart Crowther

    Yes about 20 to 30 ppl. oneplus_75.

  15. this looks so much better than the new unbounded, but my question is are there still ppl playing this online at all? if not it wouldn't be worth anymore to get this game just for the single player

  16. wRongPaulSucks As

    Really? Cause I found that announcer chic to be more annoying than nails on a chalk board!

  17. 「STAR DUMMY」

    not in bowling

  18. ShotOfBlackTooth

    Wish these modern games just let you get into the game, instead of having to wade through really unwieldy menus and car customization shit I'll never use.. The exterior car view should be taken out as well, it looks stupid. In fact, just give me arcade RR1.

  19. Jesusisthe sonofGod

    physics means EVERYTHING

  20. What The Hell!! I bought this game when it first came out in 2006 and they decide to do a review 5 YEARS LATER!

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