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Xbox One S Review – From A PC Gamer.

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  1. Fredssw marrero

    I traded in my 1 tb Xbox one for the S and i only payed like 80€ more and i even got the gow 4 that would have costed me 50€ anyways so its worth to update if you get a good deal

  2. Lol this is mainly a gaming console, not 4k player. I'm getting one today just to play Forza Horizon 3.

  3. Brandon Arita

    I would like to know about 4K monitors btw

  4. I just got the one with the Minecraft bundle, and in addition, I got an extra controller and Forza Horizon 3. As for the subscription, don't forget that this also gets you 4 free games every month, and they are usually worth much more than the monthly cost itself! Add in the 4k support, blu ray, player, and the incredible job it does when upscaling standard dvd's, I think it's an amazing machine for the money! BTW – don't think I'm a noob to gaming – I've owned more gaming pc's than I can remember, and several of them have been top line Alienware rigs.

  5. Ronaldo Fan 1234

    Why you a pc gamer be a Xbox gamer

  6. xbox one s is amazing

  7. I really want to play games on my gaming PC. Games that make full use of my high spec hardware and 4K monitor. However, there aren't any games that do that. I only get the advantage of a higher resolution. So now I'm playing games like Dishonored 2 on the Xbox rather than PC, just because I'm too comfortable on my sofa. Consoles are still holding back the development of higher quality graphics, and it's still pissing me off.

  8. Clayton Morgan

    I just got one to finally upgrade my 360

  9. Psychedelic Poke

    If I have a 360 should I upgrade

  10. It is worth to wait for project scorpio, if I don't have 4K TV? I have only 39 inches FullHD and I don't care about FPS

  11. ur in game experience changes…. u liar

  12. Guys I'm getting this consoul

  13. My remote for UN60KS800 remote controls my xbox one s and ps4 pro as well.

  14. wait you can't use 1080p for the ps4

  15. Most impressive thing about this video is the host doing this entire review live, speaking quickly, clearly and only tripping over his words once. People don't realize how hard that is.

  16. Getting an XB1 S 3 game/Sky Movies for £230…. £85 off XB1 trade-in… 🎮❤👍👍

  17. Josaf Sandoval

    what about the ps4 Pro I have a 4k tv no HDR

  18. 21 savage Xbloodgang

    Xbox Scorpio will be 800 dollars tho

  19. should i buy this if i have a 1440p monitor?

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