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CGRundertow MEDAL OF HONOR for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

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  1. Nick Woodruff

    Just got this game today used for $3, looking forward to playing it!

  2. gabriel sylvestre

    The very first Medal of Honor for PS1 was the best. It was the first time for all things. Its predecessor Frontline for PS2 was the upgrade. An amazing beginning of the game, but faltered at the end. Looks like the WHOLE series is doing the same thing as well as what I just stated about these two games. What they should have did was made fewer games and just saved up to make a really good game,…no matter the time limit and then come out with it. That's the only way to do this series, because it was based off of World War. There were only 2 World Wars. Makes me think that's how many games of this series there should have been. Rather than milk a good "title" they should have just did what Tomb Raider did after those two games….. Which is reboot, or reimage, with time. This is not an ongoing dish-em-out series. But hey,…everybody's got to get the mula right? But you spend that mula to employ more people who want to do game design, which leaves them broke. Now everybody and their mama wanna make games and no one gets paid because everyone wants to do it while "trying to be unique and creative", and yet no one really gets paid. Games get old, and people buy them for cheap or forget about them all together. Defeats the purpose all together. Time limits on productions and budgets cause games to be rushed,…but if you want a good game, then that's what you're going to have to do. The online thing is temporary because after the game is gone everyone forgets about or can't go back to the work that was created for that title, then its lost forever and the only way you can view it is on youtube, or fan service or company service reboot (ex: Final Fantasy XI). Movies and other entertainment are similar but seems like to me they will be found or remembered a lot more than games will be. (Ex: Movies, Show series.)

  3. does it have offline multiplayer?

  4. The story is not a work of fiction. It's loosely based off of actual real life events. Rabbit is actually a navy seal named Roberts who was the first navy seal killed in that particular real life campaign.

  5. Adam Puntigliano

    well i don't like the 2 new ones ­čÖü that is just my opinion┬á

  6. its good metal of honor changed settings the ww2 theme got boring

  7. i love the realism in the campaign, the most realistic military shooter I've played in recent years. It was really short, but quite an emotional story

  8. Loved the campaign and the multiplayer was pretty cool but I couldn't help but feel like I was playing Battlefield lite.

  9. Medal of Honor is better than every call of duty after MW2

  10. Razgul The Kind

    MOH: Underground was the best for me.

  11. No Medal of Honor will ever surpass Frontline, or Rising Sun's opening level.

  12. Ondřej Šlechta

    But not on Xbox 360, only for Playstation 3, that is big problem!

  13. In my opinion a solid, well made and good shooter with sweet sound effects the guns sound really meaty

  14. Plenty of people still playing online and its quite fun

  15. the game is short, slow, easy, and boring..

  16. Retro Rambles

    getting a head shot is so satisfying

  17. Retro Rambles

    i actually liked this game but as soon as i was getting into the game and the game was getting started it finished leaving me very disappointed

  18. the only good part of this game is that you get moh frontline with it

  19. Not a fan of this game's multiplayer and the campaign is a little short, but I can play the campaign over and over again. It's so good

  20. it got kind of the same after a while but it was still fun and the maps looked very cool, i liked the multi level design and not just corridors and rooms like in cod

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