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Black Wii Review

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  1. Does it have an HDMI plug

  2. Costin Dragomir

    i have a black wii motion plus but it does not come whit that extension

  3. canal cancelado


  4. canal cancelado


  5. canal cancelado

    My wii black and new super mario brios wii 😀 leves desert

  6. i is the best thing for moshon gameing

  7. Sophia DeNault

    Should I get this wii or a Xbox??

  8. Not Racist!
    about my comment

  9. and I hope the wii U is Good!

  10. if you have gamecube game's your screwed because the black model does not have capability backwards with gamecube the white model does have backwards capability!
    black model sucks-white model GOOD. 🙂

  11. shaquetta williams

    I got one but I got a ps3 now but I don't play the Wii wwe ,NBA sucks for Wii

  12. Okay ammm i love you

  13. the black wii comes with sports games THAT'S NOT RACIST 😀

  14. Mantas Gliaudys

    where you can buy this black wii ??

  15. goldtiger123456789

    It does play GameCube games

  16. Clarissa Richardson

    why won't it play gamecube games 🙁

  17. Squirtle Leader

    Does the Mario Kart bundled black Wii play GameCube games?! I'm interested because I would like to play The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (from the original GC disc).

  18. Wenceslao Futanki

    SHAME on the black wii, only runs wii games not gamecube ones FUCK that

  19. The best wii to get is the white one, it plays gamecube games,backups and dvds. The newer wiis like this one dont.

  20. theJunkyMedia

    @ Brandon – This is for sure a system that we will be talking about long after it is gone. The graphics were not that of the ps3 or xbox 360 and the games were still great. Now that we are about to see new consoles coming out (Wii U already out and xbox 720 and ps4 to come) I will be curious to see how the Wii U holds its ground.)

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