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Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni Review for PS Vita / PSTV

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  1. I have a question
    Did you watch the anime if not GO WATCH IT RIGHT FUCKING NOW

  2. ballin_arellano559

    I'm watching the anime first..then gonna buy the game…i saw in the store that you can buy the main characters from the anime to play in the game. i thought that was cool and people who are "fans" of the anime should know…i know no one is gonna call themselves fans of this yuri anime cuz its kinda embarrassing…idk if i should hit sumbit on this comment..

  3. "unfortunately there is no English voiceacting". Well. For me, it's a huge advantage.

  4. Nathan Straker

    is this as fun as the senran kagura games or anything like the anime?

  5. Thanks for the review. I don't want to get into Send an Kagura since there is SO much of it, but since this is new and unrelated from a storytelling of view, is a good vita game with fun combat, sounds like I should pick it up 🙂

  6. jennifer dejesus

    I just wish they would remaster this game on Ps4 cuz I'm just such a big fan of the senran kagura series.😭💔

  7. PS Vita Roundup

    Any sign of a patch to fix the crashes yet?

  8. 8.0? Okay, this game is good but not very good. Maybe 6.1
    Positive aspects
    -High visual effects

    Negative aspects
    -Less characters
    -Story is simple and not good for Valkrie Drive

    Senran Kagura Shinovi versus + High visual effects – Story details – Characters = Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni.
    Game was disappointing. Better it was expected.

  9. I showed this game to a friend… now i have no friends

  10. The story seems sad lol.

  11. I will give a like if you pronounce the last word of the game 😂

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