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Sony PSP Street E1003 CB review

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  1. Prithvi Raj Palayi

    Do u know how to unbrick this psp model when it is bricked

  2. how can I install the new update if this model has no wifi :/

  3. UltraPlayer SK


  4. UltraPlayer SK

    Can I ask you have turn on this psp wlan ?

  5. Martin Lutisan

    same e100 e1004 e 1003 i have e1004 {psp 200,2004,300,3004 have wlan(internet)} 😛

  6. dan soo expensive myne is 65

  7. Muhammad Dawood Waheed

    Can you make a video on how to download games in this model

  8. Raphael Sardua

    is there a wlan switch in this model?

  9. 2:30
    Let me just turn on the light… no change.

    Cool video man. I missed this release entirely. I love the all black!

  10. kje si ga kupil

  11. psp e1004 is the best

  12. Aditya Neupane

    no internet

  13. Mazen Elragal

    I have many problems in this psp in the games
    I have psp E-1003 (6.60 pro B9) the problem is that the games dont run smoothly in it like gta lcs ,gta vcs , god of war and there are many games dont work at all !!!!! Like Driver76 when I enter a mission with sounds it freezes!! I tried to overclock the cpu's but the games still dont run smoothly what can I do !!!! Can you help me plz??? I'm waiting for a solution……

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