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Watercooling my extreme gaming pc…externally – with the 720XT markV + Lian Li PCO-8 case PART 2

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  1. Please upgrade your speakers next! 🙂

  2. nice what is that black tube back the case

  3. Bak bu olmuş işte. Diğer videonu beğenmemiştim amma bu iyi bu iyi

  4. Great content, keep it up! BTW: Could you send me a PM or can i contact you? 🙂

  5. I really like this case and plan on ordering it. But i have one question. Do you feel this case NEEDS to be water-cooled or do you think air cooling will be fine?

  6. Carlos Herrera

    Brutal, pc of my dreams, regards from Venezuela.

  7. hi daniel, what is the folder app called thats on your desktop?

  8. Wooo Mountain Biking and PC Gaming are exactly the same passions as mine!!!

  9. THAT is a very nice PC . I really like that case . nice job Daniel . I like the external cooling set up also . Too bad I can't afford it for my new build .

  10. great video bro, keep it up 🙂
    all the way from malaysia XD

  11. TheDanielSpies can you tell me the name of your software that shows me the temps and so on what you got with the purple text?

  12. Μανώλης Κρεούζης

    what model is the keyboard . please sent the link

  13. That Techie Dazzy

    Hey daniel lovely build! After watching this video ive decided on my new case. Many Thanks. Will be doing a new build with 2 x Titan X Pascals and 1 x Intel P3700 NVMe Drive. Keep up the good work

  14. 4k widescreen!?

  15. Russel Renz Nerosa

    7:00.. Wow, you just did what I can imagine. You just switched from Joystick to Mouse. Absolutely limitless..

  16. Russel Renz Nerosa

    This is my ideal type of build. Joystick on PC.. Awesome. Consoles? Pffffssssh PLEASE, it's 2016. Why play on an environment that where the possibilities are limited. In PC, you can edit videos while listening to music. Play games while downloading the latest mods. Isn't that great? Huh.. Console gamers are so stuck with the joystick idea, why not just plug it somewhere it's more powerful. Thank you for this post.

  17. Scottish_Gamer

    Get DEMCiflex dust filters they work great my computer been dust free for just over two years now

  18. 달리는하니

    very good system!

  19. Subbed, great video

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