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TOP 5: Best Gaming Laptops for 2015! $600-$2600

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  1. this is video is only 2015 you would be amassed with the ones in 2017

  2. MossGolem AnimeService

    Is the New Razer Blade better than them all?.

  3. EvilNinetales

    "My top 5 laptops for 2014" : Video is for 2015 lolol

  4. alekzandaaaaaaa

    what is that hair


  6. Bruh were are the alienware

  7. lol your old Videos

  8. Title says 2015 yet it's from 2014. Wow.

  9. sushil mishra

    Hey please suggest me a powerful gaming laptop under 1500$ .Please give me an up to date list of laptops as of now,whatever laptop is better till now.What do you think of msi gt72 dominator g-1445/with g sync ?

  10. lenovo comes with boatware and 900 isn't cheap

  11. SooperNeckers

    emphasis on "600" – 2600 gaming laptop

  12. Wat is that intro song? I really like it xD

  13. the fastest laptop IS THE MSI Dominator pro it has 2 gtx 980s

  14. WAY too many lists for GAMING. GAMING GAMING GAMING. -_-

  15. Please help i have 1,200$ which gaming laptop is best for me? Also i intend to use it for studying

  16. TheMightyPotato

    everybody!!! all these gaming laptops sux compered to the new origin eon 17-slx !

    go check that gaming laptop out 😀 its way faster then he Aorus X7 Pro and it has to harddrives, so it can go up to 4 TB of storage, and its the only laptop on the market that is halth desktop!!  Litterly! and its 4K screen, and it can connect up to three extra monitors, and its fully costumizable!, its also 37.5% thinner then the previous gen laptop gaming, it has the 17 core and nvidio G-Sync!  And a graphic card that can go up to 8gb!!!!! go check it out on CNet on youtube or on http://www.originpc.com. Its the best gaming laptop on the market right now, they also have other models like the eon 15-x, eon 15-s, eon 17-x, eon 17-s, and the best one the eon17-slx of course, the eon 17-slx is not out yet, but all the other i said in this comment are. the eon 17-slx will be out realy soon tho. 😀 go check it out, u can also check it out on youtube, just search for "origin eon 17-slx.   🙂

  17. Nicholas Stojanovic

    lenovos are cheap because the processors suck, ive never seen a lenovo with 3 plus GHZ

  18. david letterman

    Description says 2015

  19. It says $600 and up you view whore. Don't play us like that brace face.

  20. Wow misleading title

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