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CGRundertow HYPERDIMENSION NEPTUNIA for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

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  1. The game/franchise has a target audience and they're very aware of this. To knock said self-awareness is a little ignorant an naive. Now, stating the game is by no means for everyone would be a given but that in no way makes it a bad game. That's like insulting the fans of this style of game stating they have no taste.

    I initially agreed about the gameplay. Then i got into it, then I discovered this title started development back around 94/5 for the Mega Drive. For such a console I feel the game would have been fantastic!

    It's not gonna win no accolades, but i feel it deserves a little slack. It's not a 2011 game. It's a mid 90s game that was finalised in 2011.

  2. 🙂 we need a harem game. we need absolutely halahl

  3. Existent Concinnity

    This game is very nice in music and story but the gameplay lacked and the grinding and dungeons lacked creativity.

  4. Awesome review!

  5. I love this series but the battle system and gameplay are the worst ( well for the first game )

    Mk2 and victory are a lot better! And to top that the remakes are a hella of a lot better

    I suggest you play the rebirth ones on vita ( Recommended period! )

  6. justin gentzler

    mugen souls have a better battle systems then hyperdimension neptunia but hyperdimension neptunia have better story than mugen soul.

  7. NightMare Dark Angel

    I see that they upgrade the game play mechanics and graphics in the Pc version because this one looks really odd to me.

  8. Khalyle Hagood


  9. lol the dialogue is cracking me up.

  10. Jennifer Daum

    if i want to try one of these games what one should i try and do they go in order can someone help me out

  11. You should do a review on the Re;Birth games, fantastic remakes and don't worry, you won't feel like you're playing the exact same game but on the PS Vita/Steam.

  12. I hated this game on the PS3. The dialog and overall concept drew me in but the gameplay drove me away. Honestly I have no idea why I recently decided to give this series a second chance on the Vita, but I'm glad I did.

    Its nothing to write home about, but I'm much happier with the result of its remaster that completely overhauls the game mechanics and makes it at least good. Which is great cause now I can stomach this playthrough to enjoy its witty humor and unique story/concept.

  13. White Heart from Lowee: "I won't let any of you selfish, icy bitches take the title of True Goddess!"
    Seesh, Wii is pretty pissed

  14. Kaiser Trigger

    This game series ain't bad, But on the NIS America forums it has some rather questionably outrageously angering fans.

  15. I plan on getting HN Rebirth 1 for the Vita. Battle system is changed to that of Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, which is something similar to Eternal Sonata (and practically Identical to Fairy Fencer F).

  16. Let me Analyze this, those girls hate each other, and they'll compete in a combat, and later the monster invaded the land and trying to attack them all, and now they are going to integrate as a team ever since, the monster's invasion. So in conclusion, pretty much, this game have focus way too much on the graphics, but the story has a lack of purpose. also I'm confuse, the other girls name is "Thunder "TITS" O.o"? 

  17. A Voivid reference. You are now my favorite.

  18. chronosarcanos

    Derek, the right guy to come for jrpg reviews 🙂

  19. "B side of a Voivod record"

    I love you Derek

  20. Basement Dweller

    mega's 64 gamerz wars ripoff

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