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Xbox 360 E Console Review / Unboxing

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  1. I got the same but with 500gb


    thanks bro!


    Can you help me bro, can you tell me if we require internet connection while installing gaming discs like GTA 5 for Xbox 360?.Thank you if you could help!

  4. love the video bro… im getting the E!

  5. Venkatesh Dangeti

    can i play assassin creed games using flash drives in it????

  6. I here ya I have an old premium white console witch gets e74 error and freezes so I plan on getting another 360 and the games are dirt cheap now

  7. Austin Brandenberger

    why buy an xbox 360 e?

  8. I got mine for Christmas and I got it because I have never had one and it works perfectly

  9. Michael Biwersi

    Slim and e are same. I'm selling mine on eBay. Its $300 but it comes in very good condition, 500gb hard drive, GTA v, halo reach and bf 4

  10. That was a composite cable, NOT a component cable. Component cables are green, blue, and red along with the A/V cable. Composite cables are the standard yellow, white, and red

  11. Im going to buy my first xbox i cant afford the xbox one but i dont know weather to buy the 360 slim or E which is better quality?

  12. I got cod ghosts , black ops two and advance warfare in the Christmas Bundel

  13. I have a 500gb is that any good ??

  14. I have to have a av cable name cause i have a old tv but im going to get another one soon ­čÖé

  15. ExclusiveJudgeHD

    Can i use hd component cables instead if hdmi for the E?

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