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Wii Fit Plus Review

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  1. I miss this game!!!!
    I used to use it everyday!!!
    My old Wii got wiped!!!

  2. Abra & Kadabra

    So there's no need for the original wii fit?

  3. Kyle Kirkpatrick

    This is actually making me consider upgrading to Wii Fit Plus, I'm still using the original 😛

  4. when your so tall you're always "at risk of overweight" or "overweight" 😂

  5. My bathroom scale says 136 pounds, but the balance board says 130? w0t 😂

  6. so old

  7. Yasmin Yasser

    hey 🙂 i just wanted to ask if i want to lose weight will i have to get this or can i just get the wii fit without the plus thingies?

  8. How good is this to lose weight? Thinking about investing in it. 🙂

  9. Can two people play at the same time?

  10. DollaramaShopper

    They should have added some breast physics to the wii fit girl. It would sell better.

  11. SoLfire Gaming

    I agree with Keane here. I'd give this game  9.1/10.

  12. you know what a better (and cheaper) way to lose weight is go fucking jogging seriously why would I pay like a hundred dollars for this shit when i can just run outside for free 

  13. I was thinking about getting Wii Fit because Balance Boards are now only $15 at GameStop. Now I know what I'll spend my next $25 on!

    As for online, I'd rather not have that in a fitness game. Sure something like Miiverse would be great, but I don't want losing weight to be a contest. I just want encouragement. Adding leaderboards to weight loss would be upsetting when all of a sudden someone drops a ton more weight than you in the same amount of time.

  14. MrSimonmaster

    can i have a cat, or only dog i here ?

  15. Why the fuck would you need online support for a training game? I swear IGN half the time just uses online as an excuse to count points off.

  16. Lol, your such a rager, plus look at the reply from Moises Ramos, it is a video game… xD

  17. can i buy wii fit plus (and the balance board) without having wii fit ?? and can i trust amazon ??

  18. SomeOrdinary Nigga

    Actually it is."s a video game developed by Nintendo for the company's home video game console, Wii,[4] designed by Hiroshi Matsunaga." >Videogame:A game played by electronically manipulating images produced by a computer program on a television screen or display.

  19. MattHOMESchoolHelp

    Smash Bros. Wii Fit Trainer: Bend your Spine…Because I might do it for you.

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