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Classic Game Room – RATCHET & CLANK: SIZE MATTERS review for PSP

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  1. It's funny… Cause it's a penis joke…

  2. Guys let's play online

  3. looks nice

  4. looks nice

  5. Your Nevergunnaknow

    I loved the armor system in this game, I think they should have added it to some of the larger console R&C games.

  6. I love this game.

  7. Buy this on vita. You can re-map the controls to use the 2nd stick. The way it was meant to be played

  8. #𝓹𝓱𝓪𝓷𝓽𝓸𝓶𝓰𝓱𝓸𝓼𝓽 _

    My first psp game ever

  9. This game was decent. The graphics were fine and the gameplay was just short of being like the first game. It was ported to PS2, but I'd have to say that the PS2 version of this game is the worst R&C game on a home console. The games were also lacking of enemies and scenery too.

  10. I actually didn't mind the controls that much

  11. The anarchist

    Very various gameplay arcade, space races, giant bosses, reduction of protagonists and many other things.

  12. SteelCityFilms

    Good PSP game. Awful PS2 game

  13. After playing up your arsenal i was disappointed at the length this game was WAAAAAY TOO SHORT!!!!
    and needed more health it makes challenge mode a bit TOO challenging

  14. i had this on my psp but then i accidently broke it with my knee man i loved this! but i didnt get to finish it 🙁

  15. Robert Boshears JR

    Hey!  Someone else who remember when Meg Ryan was hot!

  16. My cousin has this game and he likes it a lot so I am trying it

  17. Akay4444444444444444

    I found it to be hard to adapt to the control scheme too, though I found it easier to set the analog stick to be the one used to strafe.

  18. This game sold more copies than any other title in the series. That includes the future series as well as the PS2 games.

    Pretty damn impressive considering it was a portable game and was made by a different developer.

  19. +UltimateX sniper
    Not unless you play the PS2 version on a PS3 with PS2 backwards compatibility.

  20. i found that people dont have any full in-depth reviews of this game. i hope the one that i'm making is good enough for other people 

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