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CGR Undertow – DISGAEA DS review for Nintendo DS

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  1. Darren Davenport

    this moron tries way too hard to be like Derek and makes an ass out of himself in the process….

  2. if u get etnas diary by flipping 2 switches ( one by a skull and one behind the throne, then in a "corner") etna says that suppodedly krichevskoy really died by fighting off an army from the alternate netherworld.

  3. TJ just topped Derek in cool factor for the MST3K reference.

  4. Ninjastar oAo

    This review have been posted on my Birthday and Disgaea is my fav ds game!!….but jump ultimate stars is actually my fav game lol

  5. It kind of freaks me out how I was looking up a CGR Undertow review for this game and it was just published yesterday..

  6. Good review but how are the controls? Can you save during battles?

  7. I kept heard this game is crap and I should avoid it and play the PS2 version instead
    This version doesn't look bad but I'd rather really play a portable Disgaea than on a console, Also, I never played the first, Just Disgaea 4 that I loved and Dimension 2 which was meeeeh

  8. Your world CHANGED from playing Disgaea…?

    TJ….. son, you need some help. It's just a game.

  9. There are such an immense amount of DS games out there!

  10. Cutting a lot of voice acting out of this version was necessary, but also cuts out a lot of this game's charm.

  11. Disgaea is a good game, best in the series in terms of story, but Disgaea DS is a terrible port made to cash in on the DS substantial success. This review doesn't delve deep into the differences between this, vanilla, and Afternoon of Darkness which I feel it should. DisgaeaDS has terrible music and horrendous graphics. It adds extras like Prinny Commentary and Plenair as a playable character, but these do not make up for a watered down and ultimately gimped experience of the original.

  12. Disgaea is awesome!  Best strategy rpg games ever!

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