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Resistance 2 Playstation 3 Game Review

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  1. This games 8 player co-op was just amazing

  2. Mikey Carrera

    i loved it!!! i love a challenge

  3. sobekflakmonkey

    I find that regenerating health essentially changes, not only the way the game is played, but the way enemies are designed, you can pretty much just throw as much shit at people without thinking about it or designing anything, and you the player can just step behind cover for a moment to regen all your health, this creates very stale and boring gameplay throughout the entire game, one of the reasons I really hate regen health. Overall, it's just lazy.

  4. i beat all 3 on hard

  5. A Ginger Named Pud'n

    I loved this game mostly for the multiplayer. It was actually one of the first games I played multiplayer in when I first got internet for my PS3 and I was astonished. I think the nostalgia is what makes me like it so much. I thought it also had some depth to the multiplayer and co op aspects customization wise.

  6. This was such a fun game!

  7. Ever play killzone?

  8. Parikshit Hegde

    what is gggmanlives supposed to mean?

  9. major. garry osborn

    I think this game deserves a remaster

  10. the best Game ever
    i miss that time so much

  11. few exclusives? most generation i was xbox360 player but after seeing almost none exclusives ( i've always had good pc) switched to ps3 just for exclusives , i know u might not be fun of all of 'em but it doesnt mean there arent there. I hate nintendo games but i will never say they are bad or the wii u lacks 1st party support (yet having less exclusives than ps3)

  12. Dilwale cricket

    The MP was great especially the 8 player co op was amazing to this day I don't understand the logic behind removing it from resistance 3(considering it was one of the most played mode in resistance 2)

    The single player story was okay but I don't remember it being difficult but it wasn't bad or good just average FPS(went more in route to cod than following up on resistance fall of man)

    This game was a lot of fun back in the day and I would love if Sony did remaster of the 8 player co op(like a psn plus free or something)

  13. "…initially San Francisco, but you will be seeing a lot of other areas, like Idaho, California, and Utah…."

    Uh, Gggman? San Francisco is already in California.

  14. There's also a PSP Resistance game that is actually better than this one. It even has some extra features if you link PSP with this game to PS3 with Resistance 2 launched on it.

  15. This is the most played game in my life. I agree the campaign isn't good even though I went through it many times in different difficulties. But it had the BEST multiplayer experience that i've had in a FP. I played more than 2000 hours to coop and competitive modes and i loved it. A real shame that they closed them cause the comunity was still pretty active for an old game. Resistance 1 had a fine campaign but bad MP and R3 was awful in general. But this game… so much fun. I really think you can't judge it only by he campaign.

  16. Abdullah Tshabal

    I can hear the HL2 weapon drop sound on death

  17. Hey, those cloaked enemies could've been worse. They could have made the AI actually smart and try to stay cloaked and attack from other angles besides right at your face. I feel like they lost potential for a really scary enemy.

  18. Been so long since ive played Resistance 2. The SP was a mixed bag. Few area were well designed and the story had some balls especially in the ending but the game had way worse graphics than the first and the level design was just bad.I remember a section of the game where there is a corridor with two turret left and right and the only option i had was to run past them by taking the hits i mean seriously wtf. The AI also only just aggro on you not the allies. The weapon just didnt have any weight unlike the first when you really feel the recoil of the gun which created a satisfying sense of impact.The particles effects in this game also are questionably bad. Im still very surprise that it hold a 87 on metacritic while i think it deserve more like a 74 because of it good multiplayer.

  19. In my opinion, RFoM amazing, R2 alright, R3 pretty good.

  20. I beat Resistance 2 when I was like 15, I never thought it was that difficult.

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