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The Surge Review (Xbox One) | Sci-Fi Dark Souls!!

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  1. Hi Rand I am rubbish at Dark Souls 123 having tried them all, I played them for 15 hours each and while I enjoy it I find the single player experience boring and frustrating but I remain intrigued as I love dystopian sci fi , great video Rand, keep it up ;D

  2. bro you have to play dark souls, the coop is sublime

  3. Patrizio Pastore

    I liked Lord of Fallen and I read some review about the Surge and the games look good… I think i will jump on it, thanks for the review man

  4. Dick Deepinsideher

    Play Dark Souls, BLOODBORNE, and Nioh. I guarantee these games will change you as a gamer. All of them are amazing. Bloodborne being my favorite game of all time.

  5. Gamers4Life Media

    I purchased my copy earlier can't wait for 12:00am let's go

  6. Project Scorpion should be called :
    Xbox=Superior 4k
    Sony=Dynamic 4k up

    Xbox Scorpio true Superior 4k will always triumph.

  7. This game looks awesome

  8. You should try out Nioh.

  9. U beat the game already ? Never knew u play darksouls like games

  10. Can't wait for the Xbox crowd to bash the living shit out of this game for being a wannabe Souls clone, the way they bashed Bloodborne (which was made by the actual Souls developers)

  11. Is this that hit back away hit type "souls" combat? I've avoided those , only played Lord's of the fallen. Just wanna know if it's what I see in souls. hack back away hack back away etc? This is the review I was waiting on.

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