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Unboxing the Nintendo Wii

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  1. This guy sounds like a douche

  2. I remember using my friends' Nintendo Wii back in 2009 :') now I have a PS4 but I only have 2 games dammit

  3. Michael Blake56

    Wii looks better than Nintendo switch

  4. 2017?

  5. I Got This For Christmas Back In 2009.

  6. J o n a t h a n

    my wii's a awesome emulator

  7. Well…the Operations Manual is a good read when you're on the toilet.


    I am from the year 300792 we humans invented time machines in the year 300022

  9. I remember getting this when I was five, best console I've played by far. Much better than the new generation crap.

  10. The reason that there's always a debate between Xbox and PlayStation is because Nintendo can't compete with them. They're original, family-friendly, and classic. They'll win any day.

  11. AlternativeUnboxings

    Like is you're in 2017

  12. My wii broke after 6 or 7 years after I got it…such memories playing that thing

  13. U watch this in 2017 ?

  14. toasty gamecube

    when does this console come out?

  15. miriam acheampong

    were did you buy the wii from

  16. CoolBoyX [ Gaming Channel ]

    Who else actually still has this and is setting it up again in 2017?

  17. Anyone else here just for nostalgia my eyes got a little misty so many memories 🙂

  18. Andrew Hamilton

    The end of the pussy nintendo era we just got out of

  19. I feel like I'm the only person who uses the Wii still

  20. I remember when my brother was playing the wii and I barfed a hot dog

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