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Gravity Rush Review

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  1. Valium & Flowers

    the girls are gorgeous in this game 🙂 very glad I picked it up the other day for my Vita, got a hard copy too which is rare to find in stores these days. Just look at that view when she flys 😉 haha

  2. Im here because I love GR2 <3

  3. Marchello 116

    The best reason to buy the handheld calm down their son let me tell you about a little game called persona 4 golden

  4. Austin Oconnor

    I just bought this game after watching this review

  5. I played the demo and it seems like an interesting game, but I feel like the controls are a little bit awkward. I mean, swiping the screen to evade while you are trying to move with the left analog stick, and attack with square? Seriously? I don't have three hands.

  6. this game was free for ps plus members while I had it. let's say it was sonys best discision

  7. coolbuddydude1

    Is this game for real? The character name is Cat & her pet cat is named Dusty?

  8. Jenny Dorscheid

    how many hours do I need for completing It?

  9. greenLeaf gecko

    SAD, I have a Playstation Tv and it dont work

  10. i r8 8/8 no h8 its gr8 m8 dont b l8 2 ur d8

    Between this and Tearaway, I have played both and beat Tearaway on my Vita. What is all the hype? I dont get why people say they are such great games. P4G is better then both of them combined… I honestly dont know why I bought this…

  11. reymart christian Cruz

    Ok i am here because they're selling gravity rush for 88 cent i mean that is a great deal and i never play the game but i never plan on buying or playing the game cause i have no interest i only know this game cause i was looking for a sucker punch video game if they have one and this is the few things that pop up and the infamous game! just so you know i was talking about the sucker punch movie if it have a video game or not cause it would of been awesome if it did other then that! i never had interest on getting this game i am more into mortal kombat,resident evil,silent hill,assassin creed,marvel vs capcom and other games that i am planning to get in the ps vita that i forgot! type of thing but i seen people talking about gravity rush in the comment section about the flash deal and makes me want to have double thinking if its worth it or not i mean i only have 2.97 dollars left in my wallet and i was planning on getting dino crisis 2,battlefront 2 if possible for the ps vita and twisted metal black for the awesome dark story! makes me have a hard time to choice is this game even worth the 88 cent i will be risking the other games i am planning to get and the deal ends in monday! its 88 cent right now 😉 so i am more lucky but is this game even worth it cause i never find the game interest but the deal makes me have double thinking

  12. NoobTacular97

    This game is only €6.29 on same right now… Considering getting it!
    Happy Birthday, PlayStation Vita

  13. Love this game at first I taught I wasn't going to like it because it seem hard but I got the hang of it. I'm not going to lie I did die a couple times but nothing prevented me from playing it. I finished all the episodes and I can't wait for Gravity Rush 2!

  14. Wenceslao Futanaki

    This game is recommended to all SPECIALLY videogame designers, it would break my heart to know that only this game has such AMAZING game mechanics. They actually surpass the game itself which is good but not amazing.

    Good music, ok story nicely presented, a little on the easy side, well recommended for those who want something truly different.

     Oh, and NO other game ever made me feel i actually could fly!

  15. I was waiting for them to give it praise then shit all over it like people did with dragons dogma dark arisen. gladly that didn't happen.

  16. Smoke Gaming Channel

    Yup vita is underrated if this was on the 3ds it will be like the best looming game on tbe system thats how good it is lol it can be pass as a ps3 title

  17. Rhey Marc Albalos

    This game looks really great. I really want to play this game, but I'm going to choose Wii U over PS Vita. But gods! Gravity Rush made me really think twice. Vita needs more of awesome games like this. This is a great exclusive.

  18. For a handheld this is the most groundbreaking game i have ever experienced:

    – A long, mouth opening beautiful campaign.

    – Unique gameplay thanks to the Vita hardware 

    This is a friking MUST BUY, I couldnt stop playing the game started with 100% all the way to 10% ( battery ) I couldnt wait till my vita was fully charged!!!!

    Japan studios has done an amazing job. IGN is blind they cant identify a beautiful amazing game. I going through my second run right now.

  19. "You wont play a game like gravity rush anytime soon"
    Except when Gravity Rush 2 comes out mothafucka!!
    I can't wait for the sequel!

  20. TheSlackassCrew

    My friend got this game with it came out and me after palying it fir 5 minutes i when out and got a vita. This game will make you buy a new machine for just one game

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