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Review: DIRECTV NOW – Running on a 2nd Gen Fire TV Stick

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  1. Christina Salazar

    Does the direct tv now app frequently randomly just shut off on anyone else firestick? 😒

  2. Directv now buffers and freezes every evening and weekends on both Firetv and Appletv and is acknowledged by Directv but they have no fix. Also too many stream errors happening often. App is unwatchable during those times. PS Vue as of right now is the most stable service even with the loss of their Viacom stations. Engineers laid a egg with Directv now and they are not offering any refunds at this time. Stay away from Directv for now. They may be able to offer a stable streaming in the future but not at this time.

  3. i cant hear and sound, i know on the mobile app theres the speaker icon to push but i dont see that on the fire stick

  4. roderick luckett

    does it work on roku?

  5. Do you know if they will add more channels to their line up? I was looking to see if they offer TVone but I didn't see it.

  6. Richard smith

    Did the 3 months prepay to get the Apple tv, will go back to Vue if no dvr and network app access is added.

  7. Picture quality? Frame rate? 5.1 sound? Anyone, anyone?

  8. I tried them all but i like Direct TV Now better. It's just starting. It doesn't have DVR yet but once they can do that and allow recording and add more local channels and make it easy to navigate and improve streaming….it will be better than Sling and Vue. Already I like the interface better than Sling and Vue. The Guide is the most important thing to me….to be able to see all the channels at once. In Sling, you have to scroll side way and click each channel one at a time to see and display its schedule…that is annoying. In PS Vue, the Guide is a messed. I have no doubt AT&T with its power and money will make Direct TV Now more robust in the future. Just had to wait.

  9. Prasoon Singh

    We're switching to DirecTV Now after our billing cycle ends on SlingTV.

  10. Kenneth Frierson

    Any idea on how I can get the app on the Firestick that I have all ready

  11. Richard Servello

    At the announcement they said the first week is going to be a time of transition for VOD. They already said it won't all be available at launch. At least give it a week before crticizing that feature.

  12. Too bad the entire app and website is down can't sign in

  13. Wow! You sure love to whine.

  14. All of these services (Directv Now, Sling TV, & PS Vue) have a lot to improve on. They are all still in their infancy so hopefully they do improve in features and usability. Will be interesting to see what Youtube Unplugged and Hulu's upcoming service have to offer.

  15. Victor Smith Jr.

    I just got it for a free fire stick. I already have 2 fire tv and one roku stick.

  16. we're is the app on the fire stick ?

  17. how do i choose a package? it's only offering me a free trial for 100 channels for $35 but do not specify what channels i will have.

  18. Can you FF in the on-demand content?
    Can you sign into the various channels direct apps? I'm thinking Turner Classic Movies app and HBO Go particularly.

  19. I can't find the app is it under a certain name

  20. How fast is you internet connection? I have 20 MB/s and tried PSVue and it didn't run very well. Could've been cause the PS3 is old, I dunno though.

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