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Xbox One S Review: Is It better Then the Xbox One?

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  1. I'm buying one just for forza 3 lol

  2. I prefer the original Xbox one, I have the white one it looks so much better than the S and it runs quieter and cooler. Also I like having the power supply, it leaves more room in the console for cooling

  3. Jessica Messica

    The original looks so much better. The glossy black finish with chrome accents is classy af

  4. Wait for Scorpio!

  5. I was from the old generation. Now I'll buy an Xbox one s to give that monster upgrade 🙂

  6. RJason Twenty

    xbox one s: smaller size, different power supply( internal), …..oh man, i wonder how the scorpio will be like…

  7. Can u play Xbox one s without 4K Please answer

  8. So it's pretty much no use of getting the XBOX One S if you don't have an 4k TV? That's why i was thinking of just getting the original XBOX One. It's still backwards compatible with some XBOX 360 games. So yeah i'm really not missing out on much. Though the XBOX One S controller is better. I will give it that. Hey but can you buy the XBOX One S Controller and use it for the original XBOX One?

  9. ultimate super savage

    does both of these have backwards compatibility?

  10. Fernando Salazar

    I have both and XBOXONE-S is much better, I can tell it is a bit more responsive, better, if you don't have neither is best to wait for SCORPIO XBOX and buy that, but if you want to buy an XBOXONE definitely get the XBOXONE-S and is even faster with an M.2 adapter to USB3.0

  11. ShadowGundam1989

    I'll stick with my Xbox One. I don't really care for the graphics upgrade in the Xbox One S with the no power brick everybody complains so much about in the Xbox One.

  12. broke boys hating warning

  13. Anshith sairam

    which one should i buy x box one or x-box one s. which is better

  14. Nazli786 nazlijaffer

    I think the OG is better…the internal power makes so much noise..while the og is silent..both consoles are epic and powerful but I'd choose the Original Xbox One

  15. GuardianXwolf

    People just really stupid that they buy Xbox 1 then boom they Xbox 1s 😂😂😂 talking about getting a life

  16. GuardianXwolf

    I like the Xbox 1 better. It has more space

  17. I read through all the comments

  18. the xbox one s was made out of legos

  19. Serendipity861

    I still have a 360, I'm gonna buy a one soon, the S is £60 more, but I feel like it is worth paying the extra for the saving space, the actual button (I can't be doing with my cats turning the xbox on, lol) and the new controller features. Although I'm not exactly pleased that the Scorpio will be out later this year, as I probably won't upgrade for quite some time since I will have only recently got the One S, and I don't want to wait a few months for the Scorpio :/ Hah.

  20. I'm keeping my VCR until Scorpio releases

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