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Classic Game Room HD – Wii CLASSIC CONTROLLER review

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  1. does it work with GameCube games

  2. Falling Poster

    Can I use this on any wii game from around 2008? I'm trying to decide if I want to use one for Prince Caspian

  3. He sounds sarcastic

  4. Hard to do "Hayrukens" on street fighter though 😖

  5. I'm using this with my wii u…it feels wierd having to use a new controller when I'm essentially already playing the game ON a controller lol.

  6. I use this controller play dragon ball z budokai tenkacihi 3

  7. so does the wiimote have to be powered on to use the classic controller? it prob does but i wanted to make sure before i buy them. i wanted them so i wouldnt have to keep going through batteries

  8. DeadlyVenomKing

    sucks that I cant use it to play punch out

  9. Hu Flung Dung

    I like it but IMO the sticks are just a tad too close together

  10. hahahah

  11. 2016 watching

  12. bohdan kuneberg

    Unfortunately, it's impossible to get one of these in Ukraine 🙁

  13. Destiny & Dynasty

    the classic controller is the cheapest

  14. its just a SNES controller with analog sticks

  15. Jon X MacLennan

    The best modern SNES controller with analog sticks!

  16. Man With The Magic Hat

    Should I buy a Classic Controller Pro or Classic Controller?

  17. I only bought this to play Super Mario World & Super Mario RPG after buying it from the Wii Shop Channel

  18. where the hell can you connect this in to the wii ? it just can only connect in to the shit bar controller.

  19. I have both a Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro. Best of both worlds! |:3

  20. The sticks looks very awkwardly placed since there is no grip to wrap your hand around, but I've never used one and based on what you said it sounds like its not an issue.

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