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Review Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified – PS Vita

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  1. David Campbell

    i dont usually play call of Duty games let alone any shooting. I dont care how bad they say it is.I think its a good place to start.

  2. mike Anderson

    it might not be that good but its pretty damn good for a portable game

  3. I'd rather just play modern combat 4

  4. Cristian Alvarez

    I got it used and didn't get the extra game that came with it because I didn't know till I got home and saw the back of the box now I wanna play the extra game but can't get it

  5. Charlie The Insane

    my personal opinion on this game is its a disappointment to the vita fans

  6. Brandon Duarte

    can you play campaign without wifi

  7. ive been playing this alot recently, and in my opinion the game isnt as bad as what many people made it out to be. At its original price it was highway rohbery for what you got in content, but I got the game on clearance somewhere, and ive had fun with it. The missions are short but I think that was intended because of the platform, knock out a quick one while you wait for a bus or something. Multiplayer works, personally i like 4v4 as it is less chaotic, its not perfect, i would give it a strong 6 weak 7 out of 10

  8. Tyrel Bissoon

    Does it have bots?

  9. nuketown best map in cod

  10. Am I Bad at FPS's, or is it really hard! The controls are AMAZING in my opinion, but it is freaking HARD

  11. Jaquez Randolph

    i think the game was cool and i'm getting it for christmas

  12. damn bruhstop judging we get everything was cheap about this game but when was it made?!

  13. Ethan Vasquez

    right now you you could buy the game for cheap and I'll just play hostiles as a time killer like on a road trip

  14. Elijah castillo

    The game was not meant to be a new game it was meant to be the same game on a different device

  15. Even though the Singleplayer looks poorly made, and Multiplayer isn't too special, it's cool that you can play what is essentially Black Ops on the go.

  16. Sadly I just bought it before seeing this review…

  17. ronnierey grajo

    can i ply this,,,single player,,bcause i dnt have psn..


  18. Multiplayer: cod
    Single player: borderlands 2
    Graphics: killzone
    Gameplay: killzone and cod
    Frame rate: cod
    Replay ability: borderlands 2
    guns: borderlands 2

    Cod: 7/10 – lacking maps in the multiplayer and bad campaign.
    Killzone: 6/10 – not very enjoyable multiplayer.
    Borderlands 2: 8/10 – a few crashes and a bad frame rate but over all a great and fun game.
    Resistance: 3/10 bad multiplayer and short campaign.

  19. Perrin Bowron

    what you expect, its a potable game. Its not gonna be like an ps3 game.

  20. lol your just clearly bad at the game

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