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PSP E1000 Review and Comparison with the PSP 1000

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  1. I feel this is the sexiest of the PSPs, as well as the most unique. I'll actually be ordering one soon to replace my battered 1000

  2. psp E1004 is actually pretty good in 2017. The new routers arent supporting psp 3000 anymore and the store also got shut down. Its actually an pretty decent console.

  3. Matthew Christopher Yeomans

    Careful putting electronics on wet surfaces like that, the water might short the device.

  4. TSP - 99,527 subscribers

    3000 is the best…

  5. So why does everyone hate the E1000? It looks fine.

  6. Chrollo Lucilfer

    so, no screen ghosting?

  7. Where do u buy this? I don't see any in the U.S

  8. Just curious, do all the games play on the E1000 console? I have the Crash Bandicoot Tag Team game from years ago and I'm planing on buying the E1000 but I just want to make sure that the game works on this console first.

  9. Rajendra Biswas

    I have psp 3004 is there big difference with e models

  10. Actor Adam Anouer

    Hey Jon is the E1000's analog stick more comfortable than the PSP 1000?

  11. Only thing is good with this is the matte black finish

  12. does the e1000 have the same screen as the psp 1000?

  13. Also cheaper because of mono speakers

  14. Mine is a
    Ice White Street E-1004

  15. Chuck Barrientos

    PSP 3000 WiFi lol I have my s3 for browsing and YouTube I don't even use PSP WiFi at all lol stick with a street if u already have that u can't even watch YouTube on PSP I'm watching this on my s3 haha but PSP games still better

  16. The psp 1000 and 2000 does not support most modern internet connections anyway

  17. psp e1000 is the best , cheaper than other models , no wifi so no multiplayer but its ok , software update with laptop , thick but light .

  18. I have this psp and I want to download god of war I can download but my wifi is slow

  19. Did nobody see the date and time? 😮 12/12-12 12:12

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