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CGRundertow CONTRA 4 for Nintendo DS Video Game Review

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  1. I only have two issues with the game
    1. The dual screen aspect is fairly disorienting and has me dying in ways that I probably could have avoided in past contra games.
    2. Limiting continues. I really hate it when a game limits continues since it makes me anxious I won't be allowed to actually enjoy the challenge it gives me; one minute I could be fighting an epic boss fight and the next I'm back at the beginning of the game, there's just no reason for a modern game having this level of difficulty while also limiting the player in such ways.

  2. This game is hard, REALLY FUCKING HARD. Like, holy shit. Beating this game on EASY is a chore. But then you get to the end, and it has the balls to tell you to go play on a different difficulty for the end levels.

    I tried to beat the 1st stage on Normal and got my ass stomped. I'm good at Contra, but this game is next lvl. Possibly the hardest contra, and the hardest DS game.

  3. Such a good game. I love how the music changes to be more intense, when played on hard mode. My friend and I would play this together at work, via the great wireless option, to give some vindication to our soul-sucking, call-center job.

  4. I cant stand it when you gloss over a feature like the TWO PLAYER option or if it even exists. grrrrr.

  5. does it have the 30 man cheat code in it???


    exelente video

  7. this is a great contra.  I cant find any fault with the gameplay at all.

  8. justin rivera

    So this look totally worth the $12 game Stop wants for a used copy

  9. Uprising was also on the PS3's PSN. Am I the only one that thought the PS2 Contra games where pretty good? Though my favorites have to be Hardcorps: Uprising, The Hardcorps, and Shaterred Soldier.

  10. I wonder why everybody forgets about Shattered Soldier…-_-

  11. So kids here find this hard? With no deaths, from start to end, I perfectly nailed this game!

  12. This game is HARD. Its takes from all the earlier games though, love it!

  13. Ehtnically ambiguous Chuck

    Great game, hard as %*#@. 

  14. looks awesome

  15. Aten Akehnaton

    This has Contra and SuperContra on it too? wow

  16. This game was my reason for taking the plunge and purchasing a DS Lite years ago, and to this day, it is still probably my favorite game on the system.

  17. I was like "meh" but after hearing contra and super c were on here…I just LOVE stuff like that 🙂

  18. so.fucking,hard 0_0

  19. Contra 4 is quite good. ive had a lot of fun with it over the years!! great contra game. an amazing series! I also made a video recently, a contra nes review. if anyone wants to see it then enter my channel and see the video games playlist

  20. As a european, I'm at least glad the DS doesn't have region coding, to the ebay!

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