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Overview: Asus Gaming G750 Series Gaming Laptops

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  1. man TigerDirect went to shit, Logan AND Albert are at Tek Syndicate

  2. Got jm model with gtx 860m Maxwell cores. Great performing everything laptop! Very quiet and never gets hot playing borderlands 2. I love my Rog g750jm!  P.S.  Put an SSD in for perfect performance 🙂

  3. Jerry Shanahan

    @TogerDirect: How's the sound for this G750? I'm planning to buy the Item#:  VSU-102410322 but I'm very skeptic about the sound quality. Does it comes with SRS premium?

  4. Baconface McGee

    It can't beat my Dell Latitude C610!!!!!!!!

  5. Melissa Silva

    Love this laptop! Great video.

  6. blink180heights

    dear santa,

  7. PC Master Race

    Looks like a Lamborghini Aventador from the back lol, nice laptop though, remember its not just for gaming, it can be used for pretty much everything it is that powerful, a great desktop replacement, and you can take it with you wherever you go. Really nice, looking to buy one of these beasts

  8. Its a good laptop.

  9. Here's what I hate about laptop gaming;
    1. Overly expensive for the compared desktop performance. A laptop's worth of 1000Eur performance, will get you roughly a 500Eur worth of desktop performance.
    2. You'll find very similar performance on the 1000Eur laptop as you'd find in the 800Eur, and even lower depending on the GPU model, which can fool first time buyers.
    3. GPUs feel crippled with anything above 128bit bus ranging at prices around 1500Eur.
    4. Even those advertised for gaming, fail miserably at delivering performance at higher resolutions.
    5. CPUs are underpowered, and hardly suitable for any real productivity, as the high-end laptop CPU can barely compete with a low-end series desktop CPU, and certain companies have the ill habit of branding mobile CPUs the same as desktop ones..
    6. You can make your choices when it comes to value for your money, but you're bound to them for eternity, since resale is non-existent, because…
    7. Crucial hardware components can't be upgraded, even thought it seems incredibly easy to design them with upgradability in mind. And finally…
    8. Overclocked performance gains are dismissible, or even unwanted.

  10. Just bought one, love it

  11. i own one G750JW

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