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Classic Game Room HD – MAG for Playstation 3 PS3 review

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  1. Ye i definitely miss this game.

  2. I used to be the biggest asshole in this game. I would always wait near parachute points and shoot players as they came down defense-less. Knowing they'd always, always, always come back for revenge and walk into the claymores I set behind me. I also knew chokepoints where players would funnel down and camp the shit out of them. Got so many death threats over PSN, so good.

  3. Grigori Rasputin

    blatant cod ripoff

  4. Grigori Rasputin


  5. I love this game sad to see it leave ;-;

  6. This seems like a perfect free PSN game they should put on the PS4

  7. Amadeus Eisenberg

    Online-only games are born to suffer a sad fate. Many suffer a short life of just 4 years, like MAG. Some unaware ones here who happened to get it when it was taking its last breaths must have really felt like shit. Also the people who were excitedly working on their progress until developers decided to pull the plug and show just how much time they had wasted into nothing. And worst of all, mostly everything online-only games gain among people will be forgotten forever. Anyone who didn't play them, will have no way to find out for themselves why some people spoke so highly of them…whereas decades old offline content classics will always be around to show anyone curious why they're so legendary.

  8. Underlordtico

    Best shooter I have ever played T_T will be missed

  9. Mag is gone forever. Buying it now will be a huge waste of money. 

  10. TheFilthyGoTDirt

    Best game ever

  11. Timothy Lopez

    The servers shut down for mag

  12. Mag+Black= One of the greatest games ever!

  13. TheArcadeProductions

    it's like Counter-Strike on steroids. i'll look into it, even though it's console only (i like my FPS games on PC).

  14. Man I miss this game, no other fps gives me the same feeling that this game did. RIP MAG

  15. The servers are down for M.A.G

  16. MAG – Best FPS

  17. Proxima Centauri

    Try 2000. Planetside 2.

  18. It looks way too similar to modern shooters (CoD, Battlefield) which in my opinion just aren't fun since their learning curve is ultra-low, pick up and play friendly, and progression systems in multiplayer destroy any hope for the evolution of a competitive scene within the game.

  19. Try thousands, Planetside 2.

    Don't get me wrong, I liked Mag, a lot. One of my favorite games and the reason I kept my PS3 laying around.

  20. Vampirerockstar

    265 multiplayer something PC doesn't have

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