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Amazon Fire TV Stick Review

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  1. hi mate can you download on the fire stick and watch later am not much of a tech wizard ,thank you


    Barry White ?

  3. Shelley Rivers

    stop saying amazon like that its am a ZAHN

  4. do u need a smart tv or just one with a HDMI cable input? and can u get all gundam and other anime episodes?

  5. Claudiu Balas

    Hi, i intend to buy this Amazon fire tv stick,but i have a few questions first.Ok ihave just move in a flat and it doesnt have any wall monted sockets for tv i only could get internet and phone from 1&1.Any i have a lcd tv that is not a smart tv but i has all the right connector like hdmi,usb, and so on.If i buy this stick and plug it to my tv thats all i need?Off course and wi -fi that i have too, from my internet provider router.

  6. Sandra-Lourdes Sandoval

    Thanks for the well explained review ! i'm a Fan of your channel

  7. so no live tv right like sportscenter or live nfl football ?

  8. Can you add more streaming sites? Like ITV player or All 4?

  9. Thank you for explaining just what these Sticks are for. Too frequently items come on the market making the assumption that we will figure out what they are for, how to use them & the jargon is automatically wired into our brains.

  10. I had the Fire Stick and it's very limited compared to other standard Android boxes, I didn't have it for long and bought the Nvidia Shield Console and this thing eats everything out there….

  11. you forgot to mention that it eats data like crazy

    if some one is watching a film in the other room online gaming is unplayable, i have a 58mbps download speed and it drops to 1.5 when someone is using the fire stick

  12. Can I stream live football?

  13. Christopher Vaughan

    great review! very clear and concise.. your presentation and postwork was quite good!

  14. Patricia Lyon

    Thank you for a very clear review. I've ordered it now. You should do more of this. Your voice and presentation is excellent.:)

  15. Maximilian Wilson

    Cheers mate, great review.

  16. Hi, is the wwe network on the fire tv stick?

  17. The Sunseeker

    Why did you skip TV?

  18. i want it for netflix and chill

  19. Jackson Smith

    great english review,clear and informative,gone and ordered one!

  20. Umer Khaliqdina

    Great review! Will be getting this soon!

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