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Black Ops 2 Verdict Almost 5 Years Later (XBOX ONE REVIEW)

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  1. Christian_Country_Boy I love Jesus Christ!

    I played BO2 on the Wii U and PS3 where they're was less quick scoopers. It was fun.

  2. Ciaran McCormack

    Bo2 was defenitly my favourite cod of all time

  3. christopher surles

    your just mad because your a sniper wannabe on bo2 but u are bad

  4. Finally someone who understands all the bs in this game. BO2 is overrated

  5. People still sweat pretty hard in this game.

  6. Hey, what's the name of the track in the background?

  7. this is the best cod ever for me ­čÖé

  8. I still love this game, the only cod I've liked at all since is AW but the jet packs feel like they make the maps not as fun. It's still great and I put it next to gears 3, halo reach/3, killzone 2, cod 4and battlefield bad co 2 and 3 for the bet of last gen MP

  9. Your only a truly skilled quickscoper in Bo2 if you run with aim assist off.

  10. Michael Knight

    I played it on ps3 last week 5 games of s&d 2 were in the same lobby but everyone just uses snipers so annoying

  11. bo2 has a lot of guns you can do well with e.g. all the smg's half of the AR's the KSG and remington, b23r, kap40, balistic knife. dont really feel like you have to take pdw with grip, quick draw and red dot. but i do agree with the crutch perks you were talking about.

  12. VG - IniquitY

    personally. i have no issues with quickscoping, its been around for like every. you adapt to it. its easy as fuck to destroy a sniper. i use "reg guns" but i also occasionally "quickscope" its not going anywhere anytime soon. people can either adapt, cry, or stop playing.

  13. EMObatman401k

    Had no idea vahn got death threats

  14. baby Waffulzzz

    people always complain when im "sniping" because im not quick scoping and they call me a newb… but its ok i still get 20 – 40 kills a game with 3 – 20 deaths

  15. AW had so many crutch perks. I think all of my classes ran the same perk setup in that game with maybe 1 exception

  16. Kaz Kat Gamer

    My only issue with the quickscoping thing is that it may be an exploit but its one of the tougher exploits to learn vs alot of other BS in cods. Its not like going through walls exploits where it takes a few tries. Some people you'd have to actually teach how to QS and even so they still can't get it down regardless.
    I know how you feel about the term "skill" and id have to say i think QS is one of those relative skills that takes time to learn. We also have to realize that older cods had stupid high aim assist so i understand that could make it very BS, but in new CODs QS is getting alot more complex that very few people even pick up snipers. Same Formula, different technique.

  17. When Boom started talking about the shotguns, immediately I thought of the 402Thunder videos and the red screen cheese gun (Remington).

  18. Ts deathcrank

    boom when continuum dlc2 iw comes out for xbone you gonna review it?

  19. Run flak jacket and TAC mask and you won't have any issues. Also flashy camos are a no you're just asking to get shot.

  20. Snipers were nerfed by delaying the speed in which the next round is ready to fire on bolt actions.

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