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GameSpot Reviews – Grid 2 (Xbox 360)

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  1. Merrick Johnston

    handling is almost impossible on 360

  2. first car in the trailer… my daily driver!


  3. I've never played it, but thanks to Games With Gold, I'll be playing today.

  4. Game is much better on Xbox. Handling on PS3 is almost impossible.

  5. Who else came here because this will be a free xbox 360 gold game in May ?

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  7. Eggly Bagelface

    This sounds like a commercial for the game.
    Hey, how about some constructive criticism?

  8. Loved the first one but… they got rid of cockpit view? I literally cannot play without it. Shame.

  9. Nicholas MillsFamily

    This is actually a great game. It offers a unique driving experience which offers a greatly satisfying racing experience. Ive start playing again, it is awesome. Yes its drive is a bit arcady but the racing is fast paced and finetic. You can buy cheap now, give a go and learn to handle the vehicles. Its a stunning game that seems to be splitting public opinon.

  10. mark8472 bf4king

    As I thought its for 7 year olds lol

  11. Canadian Country

    you can buy it in bundle for as little as $6.14

  12. I just paid 5 dollars for it, so I won't complain.

  13. Game looks like shit and sounds like shit can't anyone make a fucking realistic racing game that lets you do what you want anymore withought being fucking hollywood

  14. Looks good

  15. Rome Jelissejev

    Good game


    I hope the new grid does code masters justice!

  17. GREAT REVIEW. i hate it when people say this is "arcade" or "unrealistic" handling, its "drift" based handling. Its realistic DRIFT based handling. It still requires alot of driving skill to manage the oversteer around the corner and finding racing lines and corner entry and exit strategies. People who complain about this game are just retards who cant drive drift based cars and want to play YET ANOTHER gran turismo/ forza borefest where all the cars feel the same and you need racing lines mapped out if you want to win cos the a.i is so rigid. Here the cars all feel different and have strengths and weakness that actually matter besides top speed. ALSO some of the cars arnt drift based at all. SO LEARN TO READ and select the "balanced" or "grip" cars if you want handling similar to the original GRID.

  18. this game is horrible its so boring 1.game campaign is long for nothing 2.the cars handle like shit 3.a little piece of a mountain will have u doin barrel rolls a cross the road 4.really no corner cutting never seen a game give you a penalty for tryin to b fast as possible 5.if ur doin a time attack/trial it feels like ur playin in a box there no emote or paza 6.dont buy this game i am forcing my self to play it for the platinum i am on season game suck so bad i play it muted u cant even change the look of the car and thy all look alike to me so i jst pick first car the outline is on

  19. I laughed when you said this had driving simulator physics and a balance with arcade.  You touch other cars and go flying and spin out when they barely get affected. All the cars slide around everywhere with the tail swinging out every turn.  The AI has heavy rubber band physics  This is pure arcade physics.  The original Grid had a balance between arcade and sim, but not on this one.

  20. m a g e t t a j a

    I know its a shame that there is no cockpit view. But i still like this game.

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